the 2015 golden globe awards

Happy Monday everyone!

If you’re like me and stayed up later than usual to watch the Golden Globes – I feel ya this morning. Treat yoself to an extra cup of coffee today because you deserve it. If you aren’t already aware, award season is my FAVE, and I LOVE to do recaps. I’m a bit sad I don’t have more time this year to write a recap, but I did my best in between commercial breaks!

Let’s started with my picks for best dressed, shall we?

Salma Hayek – the fabric of this dress is a bit odd, but I love the fit & color of it!

Emma Stone – I love this look SO MUCH! It’s perfect for her body, I love the giant bow & the top of her jumpsuit is sparkly and fantastic. Next to Emily Blunt, I think this might be my favorite look.

Viola Davis – I know some people say wearing red on the red carpet is boring & predictable but I have to disagree. I think Viola looks absolutely stunning, and girl’s got some ARMS.

Allison Williams – Allison always looks dainty and fabulous and this look is no different. Her hair is borderline though – I HATE the wet hair look (see : Maria Menounous last night) but the dress makes up for it. Another red dress that I really liked!

Diane Kruger – truth: I have no effing clue what Diane Kruger is from/acted in/why she’s at the Golden Globes..but I love me a sparkly silver dress. A+, lady who I don’t know, ya killed it.

Lorde – I love me a jumpsuit. I love the crop top & her necklace. This kind of feels like it belongs at a music awards show, not the Golden Globes, but I’m still madly in love with it.

Amy Adams – she kind of nails it every time. Simple, yet elegant and not boring.

Anna Faris – I love this dress! Anna Faris is just adorable, and I loooved how cute her & Chris Pratt looked on the red carpet together.

Emily Blunt – I’m not sure why her face looks funny in this photo but OMG this dress! I think this whole look might be my fave. The braid halo, the dress, everything! Love. It.

Lupita Nyong’o – Lupita is quite possibly the most gorgeous human on the planet. The purple complements her skin so well, its so beautiful!

‘Kate Hudson – If I had a body like that, I’d wear a dress like that too. Bravo, Kate. If ya got it, flaunt it.

Anna Kendrick – Beautiful dress. She’s so stunning. Simple and Classic.

Aaaand the hosts of the evening : Amy & Tina. I will admit I did not care for their red carpet looks (except for Tina’s hair & jewels!) so I was sooo glad when they walked out on stage in much, much better dresses. These ladies absolutely killed the opening monologue, as per usual.

A. freaking. men.

The theme of this year’s golden globes seemed to be North Korea. The bit in the opening monologue was good. The Meryl bit was easily the best bit, but it kinda went downhill from there.

I haven’t seen Big Eyes yet, but this was good. 

Award shows are like my Olympics. Not just because I love the fashion, and the jokes, and the drunk celebrities, but because they open my eyes to so many great films & television shows. Transparent was a big winner last night, as was Boyhood & Birdman. The Affair, Still Alice, The Grand Budapest Hotel, A Most Violent Year, Selma,  House of Cards (which has been on my must watch list for a year now), the list goes on. It always takes me awhile to fall asleep after watching because I’m so inspired by these wonderfully creative people who create amazing things. Hollywood is weird and awful in a lot of ways, but it does expose the world to talented people and real wonderful things.

/end weird rant. It’s 1 am and I am exhuasted, so please forgive me.

Moving on….

George Clooney gave a very nice speech while accepting some Lifetime Achievement award. He said very nice things about his wife that made my simultaneously “awh” and throw up in my mouth a little bit. I don’t know whose luckier: George Clooney because he is married to Amal, or Amal because she is married to George Clooney. Or maybe it’s Julianna Marguiles, because George Clooney called her “Jules”. Moral of the story: I’d still tap George Clooney.

sidenote: Did y’all catch their interview with E!’s Guilianna Ranic when she tried to get them to do tequila shots? Have you ever seen a more awkward interview in your life?! The side eye shade that Amal was throwing Gulianna was HILARIOUS.

Then Tina Fey came out in a rumpled tuxedo and everything was awesome. Would it be weird if my life goal was to succesfully pull off jumpsuit/lady tux? I just love them.

I’m rooting for Bill Hader & Kristen Wiig to host next year. They did a great job presenting, quite possibly the one presenters who weren’t awkward or inappropriate ( looking at YOU, JEREMY RENNER).

Overall it was  great show, with a LOT of diversity amongst the winners this year, which is always great to see. Now I know how many movies I have to watch before the Oscars.

Did you watch the Globes? Who was your pick for best dressed?! 


recap : the 2014 emmy awards






Happy Tuesday!

Most of you probably know that The Emmy’s were on last night. I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it a million times more: I. freaking. love. award. shows. The Golden Globes are my favorite, but the Emmy’s run a close second because they are all about television, and God knows I love television. Award shows always make me realize how many shows I need to be watching. However, let’s start with my picks for best dressed shall we?


1. Julia Roberts 

2. Sarah Hyland 

3. Allison Williams 

4.  Julie Bowen

 5. Amy Poehler – I may be biased but this was my absolute favorite look. Obsessed with the hair. 

 6. Lizzy Caplan

I was extremely disappointed by Kerry Washington’s choice of dress. She usually kills it on the red carpet, but I’m not digging this look at all.

 Also, Lena Dunham and Sarah Paulson made me cringe. 

I really liked Seth Meyers as a host. It wasn’t the most exciting Emmy’s I have ever seen, but it definitely wasn’t the worst. I thought the opening monologue was pretty strong, and true to the type of comedian Seth is. I loved the way he introduced Amy as the first presenter.

And this, just yes.

I actually filled out an Emmy ballot this year with my predictions, and I didn’t do half bad. I accurately predicted Breaking Bad sweeping the Drama category (deservedly). I was thrilled with Julianna Marguiles’ win, Anna Gunn’s win, and Bryan Cranston’s beautiful speech. 

Also, when he kissed Julia Louis-Dreyfus when she won? Hilarious

The Billy on the Street video killed me. SO hilarious. 

Other highlights include Gwen Stefani pulling a John Travolta and fucking up the pronunciation of Colbert Report, a slightly weird but rather funny performance by Weird Al, way too many “alright, alright,alright” jokes, and an extremely touching Robin Williams tribute by Billy Crystal. It was a really, really touching and beautiful tribute to a wonderful man.

And that’s it! I usually do much longer recaps but I am super short on time this week! I also haven’t responded to comments from last week yet, but I promise I will get to it! This week is craziness! 

Did you watch the Emmys? What were your favorite moments? Your choice for best dressed?













thinking out loud thursday #9

Happy Thursday!!

I’d like to start off my thanking everyone for their sweet comments/tweets on my previous post! Y’all really are the best 🙂
It feels like it has been forever since I’ve posted! It’s currently 11pm as I type this, and I have been up and going since 6:30am (on four hours sleep) so I am a bit delirious . Perfect opportunity for Thinking Out Loud Thursday, am I right? Thanks to Amanda for hosting!!


1. I am currently in the last month and a half or so of this school semester. Isn’t it funny how it seems like everything happens all of a sudden? Suddenly I have ten million projects, lab reports, essays, and exams to study for. Add the recent streak of beautiful weather we have had on top of it, and you get a very miserable girl stuck inside on beautiful days doing schoolwork.  Things that keep me sane: 9pm sunset walks (above photo).


2. Something else that keeps me sane? SOFTBALL! We’ve had practices/ practice games for the past three weeks or so, but this week marked our first official game of the season! It helps that we totally kicked the other team’s ass. This is my first year playing second base, and so far so good. Plus, softball season = summer , in my eyes. Blue skies like the one above = perfect ball playing weather. 20140601-215821-79101866.jpg

3. This little guy lives at the top of my road. Isn’t he cute? No real purpose to his photo, he just wanted to say hi.

4. Truth: I haven’t had a good run since my race almost three weeks ago. It is SO frustrating! I even had to take a week off from running due to a strange shin pain… Which is most likely my fault, considering I didn’t take a rest day until more than a week after my race. Terrible decision. I’m one of those people whose bodies benefits from 1-2 days of rest a week, so considering I ignored that, my body decided to let me know what was up. I’ve had two better-ish runs since then, so things are looking up?

5. I want to run a half marathon. I just need to find one!




6. Let’s talk about my fashion choices. I was having a spectacular sock bun day the other day, so I deemed it instagram worthy. No shame. And that horse sweater? Yeah, my parents found it in the KIDS section of Old Navy and bought it for me. I think it cost them $1.49.  I totally love it.

(but no, I would not wear it in public, in case you were wondering.)20140601-222009-80409817.jpg

7. What a babe. The pink ears are back! Trying to fit a couple rides in a week, for my sanity’s sake. I think that the amount of love I have for my ponies is similar to what most parents have for their children. Is that bad? 20140601-222006-80406929.jpg


7. Monday night marked my first beach walk of the year! Living ten minutes from a beach is glorious. There is nothing better than the sound of the ocean, you can’t tell me otherwise!

PS: My little town FINALLY (after 5+ years) got our ferry back. It travels between Portland, Maine and my town DAILY until November, so if y’all wanna visit me… I’ll let you ride my ponies! 🙂



8. I bought the overalls. And (even though you can’t tell in the photo) my first crop top. I was SO anti crop top last year, but I’ve been converted. My twelve year old self is really digging my outfit choices as of late.

9. I am SO SORRY I haven’t been commenting or reading any blogs lately. When I say I have had no time,  I truly mean it. I’m going to try to be better, but until the end of the semester.. no promises.

Will you still love me?


What is your favorite childhood outfit/article of clothing? Can we take a minute to remember the glory that was jelly sandals?!

Favorite summer activity?

PS: PLEASE keep everyone in Moncton, NB in your thoughts today. Last evening there were 5 RCMP officers shot, and the gunmen is still on the loose. So, so scary that something like this is happening mere hours from me!

PPS: Jules (whose birthday also happens to be today!!) wrote an amazing post about the #YESALLWOMEN hashtag, which everyone should check out!

Met Gala 2014 Fashion

Happy Wednesday!
As you all probably know, the Met Ball was held on Monday evening. Now, in all honesty, I know absolutely nothing whatsoever about fashion. Heck, I didn’t even know what the point of the Met Ball was until I googled it. ( Turns out it is a yearly ball benefiting the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art) . I’m not someone who reads (or understands the point of most parts of) Vogue. I just enjoy looking at pretty people in pretty dresses & pretty tuxedos. So here are some of my opinions!



Ladies Who Killed It :

Taylor Swift : T Swizzle has been killing it this year, in my opinion. I love everything about this look. Really loving her shorter hair, it’s so elegant and grown up!

Sarah Jessica Parker: Yes. Just yes. I’m such a big SJP fan, and I love that she takes risks ( like the huge mohawk headband from last year’s MetBall!!). It think this is classy, elegant and perfect for the MetBall. Both her dress and her hair from behind are gorgeous as well.

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen : These ladies are a prime example of why I will never understand fashion. These dresses are not something I would ever personally wear, but I really think that they suit them and the event? Also, what the eff are the Olsen twins up to these days anyway? It seems to me they just randomly appear every few years to reassure us they haven’t died or something.

Lena Dunham: I love Lena, but she has a tendency to choose questionable red carpet looks. I think she nailed this one though. It’s a cute dress, cute shoes, and her makeup is on point!

Kendall Jenner : Girl is looking goooood. Love how this dress gives her curves, and her hairstyle makes her look older and like a true model.

Anna Kendrick: Yes! Love the updo and winged eyeliner. Dress is perfect!

Emmy Rossum :  I LOVE the print of this dress so freaking much. Prints can be so iffy, and this is perfect.

Emma Stone : I love the crazy colors of this dress! And I really like the view of her braid from the side, it looks almost exactly like Elsa from Frozen’s hair after she let it go ( <– i made a joke! ) . I’m a fan of messy braids, and wish I could do them myself!

The Ehhhhh…

Anne Hathaway : Not feeling anything about this look. Front slit? No. And the shoes? Is it just me or do they look a bit tacky? To me, it takes a really perfect dress to pull off an all red ensemble on a red carpet.

Kristen Wiig : Girl, I love you, but WHAT IS YOUR HAIR. Like, did you get caught in a downpour? And not digging the dress either.

Kristen Stewart : I’m not even gonna touch this one.

Shailene Woodley : Or this one.

Nicole Richie:  This dress is bizarre… but to be honest I love her hair. Not the style, but the color.  I’m a big fan of pastel hair right now and I SO wish I could pull it off.

Couples : 

David & Victoria Beckham : Ohhh I love me some David Beckham. Yes, please. I love a man in a white tux, honestly. And he pulls it off beautifully. Victoria’s look I could take it or leave it. I do like her accessories though, especially those earrings!


Blake Lively & Ryan Renolds: This couple is so beautiful it is not even fair. Perfect. I have no other words.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen: Gisele looks smoking hot. Love the simple hair, and the dress fits her body perfectly! I wish Tom hadn’t gone for velvet. I just can’t support that trend. Not that my opinion matters in any way whatsoever!

Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy: Freaking adorable couple right here. They look so happy, and I love Claire’s simple yet elegant look. Love love.

Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons: I mean, come on. Look how adorable! I love how Jim really stuck with the theme with his tux. And his partner wearing white? Perfect.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka: I CAN’T. I’m not sure what to say. But, no.

Christine Teigen and John Legend: I’m not 100% sure I love Chrissy’s dress, but I always think these two look great together.

Beyonce & Jay-Z: Jay looks flyyy! I don’t think I am capable of criticizing Bey, so I’m just not going to comment at all?

And finally, the absolutely no effing way :


Erykah Badu : It’s like the Pharell hat is a contagious disease. An awful, terrible, contagious disease.

Who are your favorites from the Met Gala?

a unnecessarily lengthy recap of the 2014 golden globes

Happy Monday!

Did you catch the Golden Globes last night?!

If not, I got ya covered because I’m about to spend way too much time talking about my favorite dresses, moments, and jokes from last night’s show. If you did watch it, I bet you are riding the struggle bus with me this morning from staying up too late watching the show. Either way, grab some coffee and catch up with me!

First things first, let’s talk fashion. I’m not one for ” Worst Dressed Lists”, who needs the extra negativity? Wear what you want! Also, i’m no fashion expert, not even close. I don’t follow fashion trends, or shows, or read Vogue. Therefore, I’m going to post my favorites, which essentially means I’m going to choose my favorite actors, who could be wearing burlap sacks and I would still say they look amazing.

1. Olivia Wilde – I love this dress! I think she looks like a mermaid, in the best way. She makes pregnancy look glamorous, which isn’t easy. I think this might be my favorite look of the night. Hair, makeup, jewelery, dress, I love everything.

2. I like glittery things. A lot. I love this dress because I can imagine myself wearing a shorter version of it to a fancy NYE party or something like that . I also love her earrings. SO pretty!

3. Emilia Clark – Again, I like glittery things. I’m not sure what it is about this dress, but I love it. Also, I like the simple waves in her hair, and simple bracelets.

4. Lupita Nyong’o – Okay. This woman is SO STUNNING it is actually overwhelming. I’ve also admired women who can pull off super short hair. She’s just so simply beautiful, she doesn’t need the distractions of excessive jewellery, flashy dress, or long hair. Second favorite look of the night.

5. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler – Obviously, the hosts. I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about Tina’s dress, but I love it. I love them both. I hope I look like them in my 40s, after having multiple children, am I right? I loved all three dress changes these ladies had throughout the night. I think my favorite dresses were these :

They look like Christmas, in the best way possible.

6. Kate Beckinsale – Gorgeous. I especially love her hair and earrings! Glittery. Can you see a trend here? Oops.

7. Kaley Cuoco – LOVE this. I find flowers on a dress can be kind of iffy, but I love this. My friend who I was texting throughout the entire show said she looked like she rolled in mud, but I respectfully disagree.

8. Kerry Washington – aka the cutest pregnant woman alive. I could not get over her baby bump! The dress is ehhh, but Kerry always looks stunning, and was so lovely in her red carpet interviews, I had to include her here.

9. Rashida Jones – Okay, so I know she literally has palm trees on her dress…but I like it? Rashida is another one of those naturally beautiful people, and I think one of the very few people who could ever dream of pulling off this dress. I also like her top knot.

10. Jennifer Lawrence – I only included a photo of her top half, because I SO wanted to love this dress, but I just couldn’t get 100% on board with the bottom. But her makeup, hair and earrings?! Amazing.

I didn’t include any men because I honestly think all tuxedos look the same. But my favorite men from last night were Chris Pine, Bradley Cooper, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, and Chris Pratt.

Alright, moving on to the actual ceremony. Specifically, the opening monologue.

I was kind of worried this year’s monologue wouldn’t live up to the hilariously genius monologue of last year :

I was worrying for nothing, because those ladies killed it. Seriously. Proof?

My personal favorites include the camera cutting to JLaw as Amy Poehler, Julia Louis-Dreyfus smoking an E-Cigarette with the film side of the room,Tam Honks (despite the fact Tom Hanks was seemingly unamused), and the George Clooney/ Gravity joke.

In last year’s show, I found that besides the opening monologue, Amy and Tina were barely onstage at all. I was super happy this year, as they introduced more presenters and did a couple bits. The best bit was by far the Randy Fey bit.

They also introduced Seth Meyers & Julie Bowen as presenters, among others. My personal fave? Introducing Leo :

Speaking of presenters, let’s take a minute to appreciate Emma Thompson. I have recently discovered how truly amazing Emma Thompson is, and she further proved how amazing she is last night.

She walks out on stage, martini and Louboutins in hand. She was sassy, and wonderful. And she then proceeded to throw her Louboutins, after explaining how the red soles were her blood. Queen.

Another wonderful moment was Seth Meyers presenting Andy Samberg with his best actor in a comedy series award :

Jennifer Lawrence won the first award of the night, and was hilariously adorable as usual. She was so nervous and shaky, you would’ve thought she was being held at gunpoint and forced to accept the award. Breaking Bad (deservedly) swept the drama category. Brooklyn 99 surprised everyone and beat Girls and Modern Family (finally) for best comedy. Amy Adams beat Meryl Streep for best actress. LEO DICAPRIO FINALLY WON A DAMN AWARD.  12 Years A Slave won best drama, and Matthew McConaughy somehow pulled off a best actor award. These are the ones that stand out most strongly in my mind, because after awhile everything all blurs together.

However, my absolute favorite moment of the night was Amy Poehler finally taking home the Best Actress in a Comedy award. Girl has been nominated 5 years in a row and never won, until last night. She gave a beautiful speech, and was obviously completely surprised, humbled, and overwhelmed by the award. Oh yeah, she also made out with Bono.

And then Tina Fey burned Taylor Swift again, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus ate a hotdog, like a lady.

And that, my friends, is my lengthy recap of the 2014 Golden Globes. I just spent WAY more time than I probably should have putting together this post, but it was SO FUN. God, I love award show season.  I’m going to leave you with Jennifer Lawrence, sneaking up on Taylor Swift, just for kicks.

Did you watch the awards? What were your favorite parts? Dresses? TELL ME ABOUT IT!