thinking out loud thursday #18

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1.  During the holidays, Bryant Park in NYC turns into this super amazing winter wonderland type deal, equipped with outdoor skating rink, and booths with vendors selling all kinds of neat stuff. We wandered for quite awhile through there, and came across a booth selling these awesome pouches. They are made by Pamela Barsky, and they are awesome. There were so many that I wanted – so many witty phrases, but after about 20minutes or so I finally decided on the one above. Sorry not sorry about the language. You should definitely visit her Etsy shop, they make great gifts! I also love this one  , this onethis one , and this one.

2. I saw the movie Best Of Me last night and I hate that I loved it. I’m one of those people who likes to act all tough, like I don’t like romance and love is gross blah blah blah. I’m pretty good at it most of the time, but put a romantic Nicholas Sparks movie in front of me and I’m toast. It’s ridiculous. James Marsden is in this movie, and he has scruffy facial hair, so basically that should be all the incentive you need to go see this movie.

3. Today is my first day back to work in two weeks and I am sort of excited about it. I’m glad I took two days off after I got back, but I am ready to get back into a solid routine. Travelling is my favorite, but routine is what makes me productive. Also, paid vacation does not exist when you are self employed so I best be getting to paying for all the crap I bought in New York.

4. Speaking of crap I bought, I bought this AMAZE winter coat at Old Navy that I am so in love with I want to wear it everywhere. I’ve been looking for a longer, puffy winter coat for awhile and I’m glad I finally landed it. Plus, it was only $60 during their outerwear sale. Hell Yes. Joe Fresh was also like walking into heaven. I got this sweater, and a few tshirts & a skirt – all for under $60.  I also purchased makeup at Sephora for the first time ever. Does that make me a girl now? I’m really, really bad at that kind of thing and would really love it if someone would come dress me & put my makeup on every morning. Please and thank you.

5. I’m trying really, really hard to not go into full holiday mode until atleast next week but it’s SO HARD. Last year I wrote exams until Dec.20th so I really didn’t get to do much Christmas related stuff so I am beyond excited to celebrate all December long with as much holiday related fun as possible, but I also don’t want to start to early and feel like I’m dragging it out? You know? Such a first world problem. I’ve got Idina Menzel’s Christmas album all downloaded, and just sitting in my itunes, torturing me. And I came across this music video for her version of Baby It’s Cold Outside with Michael Buble and I almost died. Michael Buble is my FAVE and this video is just beyond adorable.

Also, my parents have a rule of no Christmas decorations before December 1st, so there’s that.

6. These are hilarious. My personal fave?

7. I got to meet Kaitlin for lunch while I was in NYC, and she was the sweetest. Truth: I was super nervous, because I always am when I meet new people, but especially because it was the first time I’ve ever met a blogger friend! Anyone who introduces themselves with a hug is a winner in my books, and we had a great chat over lunch. I’d now like to meet all of you wonderful people so if y’all could hop on a plane and get your butts here to Nova Scotia that’d be graaaaand.

8. Pretty sure my first real NYC recap, aside from this weird word vomit thing I posted yesterday, will be about all the amazing food we ate while we were there. Typical, right? I already miss NYC food, and would KILL for Blue Bottle coffee right now.

9. Uhm, can we talk about Scandal for a hot minute?  Freakin’ Papa Pope is KILLIN’ ME. It’s the way he delivers those long speeches, his diction, that just kill me. Joe Morton is a great actor, he really makes the character great. Mellie can’t catch a break can she? I was kinda liking the VP, he seemed pretty decent. I also feel like there is this weird storyline that I haven’t quite figured out yet. Like WTF is actually happening with that Liz lady, and that guy Quinn & Huck were staking out? So confusing. HTGAWM is great. As expected. Haven’t watched Grey’s yet, but apparently it was really good? The previous week wasn’t the greatest, but that’s pretty much expected with Grey’s. The Good Wife is still my fave. It’s just so good. Alicia’s speech to Peter in the back of the cab? Stop banging the help? Fucking ace. YOU GO GIRL. And if Alicia & Finn could just get together already that’d be great, thank you. The Mindy Project got picked up for the full season, so that made my life last week. I’ve got Ariel hooked on it now, which is literally a miracle because she’s not into women lead shows at ALL, so if she likes it, most anyone would.

10. I tried really hard to think of a tenth thing because my OCD didn’t want to end on an odd number but I got nothing so I’ll just thank Amanda for once again hosting Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

#TGIT! Have a good one guys 🙂

What is your fave show right now?
Have you started Christmas shopping yet? What’s your fave Christmas album?


that time i went to new york city



I’ve been sitting here for atleast 30 minutes trying to think of how I can possibly manage to even begin to recap my trip to New York. Words are really hard, guys. Sometimes I feel like I feel things too much. I realize that sounds totally ridiculous but let me give you some perspective. The above photo is almost identical to the one that I have had as my iPad cover photo for the past two years. I didn’t realize it until I started to go through my photos, but then I realized holy fuck, I went to New York. I’ve been dreaming of this place for so long, I have a poster of the skyline in my room, and the aforementioned iPad cover photo, and now I have seen it with my own eyes. Holy fuck. 

I know that people travel all the time. People travel to much more exotic/cultural/exciting/whatever places than New York. I know that it’s no big deal to most people. However, it’s a big deal to me. While I am one of  those people who tends to dream pretty big, one of those people who aims high, who sets extraordinary standards, there is a very large part of me who constantly tells me that I will never get to do the things I want to do. I’ve wanted to go to New York for a very, very long time. I really, truly started to believe I would never make it there. A lot of it had to do with coming from my small town. I see it everyday, people who live their entire lives here, never leaving. People don’t travel, they don’t go on adventures, they most certainly don’t have blogs. They graduate from high school (or not), get a job (or not), get married (or not), have kids (always), and live out their lives here. I was convinced that I was stuck here, destined to be like everyone else in this town, never able to see the world. And let me tell you, that scared the shit out of me.

Thus, as we sat in a cab from JFK and headed into the city, as I saw all the giant buildings, the crowds of people, all the landmarks I had seen on TV/movies/ read about, I was overcome with a sense of relief mixed with utter happiness and gratitude. I felt free. Free from that little voice telling me that I will be forever stuck in my hometown, that I didn’t deserve to see the world. See? I feel too much.

New York was everything I dreamed of and more. It is completely different than anything I have ever known. I love how outrageously fast people walk, I love Central Park, I love the feeling that everyone had a sense of purpose, I love the constant activity, the busyness of it. I loved 30 Rock, the endless food options, the sense that you could never be bored there. I loved watching Broadway plays, the theatre nerd inside me died the moment Idina walked out onstage.

Times Square was the worst. I hated the tourists who didn’t walk fast enough. I hated seeing the carriage horses in Central Park. I could do without the piles of garbage on the sidewalks, and the occasional fragrance of vomit that wafted through the city. I hated how the drivers seem to think that honking their horn makes traffic move any faster ( hint: IT DOESN’T ).

New York is flawed, like everything else in this world. It makes me love it more.

I’m just realizing now that this isn’t a recap at all. It’s more of me trying to give you some insight as to why I was so excited to go. Why I’m so over the top ecstatic about it. Why I’m having trouble writing about everything. Just trust me when I say it was amazing, and when I finally un-jumble my thoughts, I’ll let you in on what exactly we did there. Also, photos. I’ve got a shit ton of them.

What’s your favorite place to travel to? 

currently – novemeber 10th, 2014.


Hey guys! First off, thank you for your sweet comments on my last post. They mean the world to me! I’ve seen this questionnaire thing around blogland for awhile now, and I thought it would be a good way to catch y’all up on whats happening over here before I peace out for another week. Maybe someday I’ll get back to regular blogging. But for now..


MAKING : So. Many. Lists. I’ve got two days until I fly to NYC which means my entire life revolves around finishing the shit on all my lists.
COOKING : All the kale, eggs, and salsa. I refuse to buy groceries before I travel, thus meaning I’m getting done to the bare essentials here.
DRINKING : Vanilla Americano from my faaaave local cafe. There are 6 baristas that work there and they all know my coffee order. #predictable
READING : Yes, Please. Obviously. It’s damn good you guys. I’m actually planning on doing a post on the last few books I’ve read. Eventually.
WANTING : to sleep forever. Im so, so excited for NYC but I know I’m going to be hella sleep deprived. People say “you can sleep when you’re dead” but I’m a firm believer in sleeping as much as possible while I’m alive. #partyanimal
LOOKING : For a way to add three more hours to each day. Think of all the shit you could get done in those three hours!
PLAYING : 30 Rock on Netflix. Last year I got to season 5 and then lost US Netflix for awhile so I decided I might as well start from the beginning again cause WHY NOT?
WASTING : Time. I should be packing. Oops.
WISHING : I could sleep in tomorrow.
ENJOYING : being on vacation. I haven’t taken more than 4 days off since March, so yes, I think a vacation was due.
WAITING : FOR WEDNESDAY TO COME. Tired of hearing me talk about NYC yet? Sorry not sorry.
LIKING : 1989. Still on repeat.
WONDERING : if it will snow while we are in NYC. Praying to sweet baby Jesus it doesn’t. The thing that scares me most about flying is having my flight cancelled and being stranded.
LOVING : Yes, Please. Surprise parties. Morning walks. Evening rides on my pony.
HOPING : Ariel and I have seats together on the plane.
NEEDING : a physics tutor. For realz.
SMELLING : the pumpkin pie candle I have burning. I’m not over the pumpkin yet.
WEARING : beanies, ankle boots & my leather jacket. I’m so obsessed with my jacket. I also really love beanies.
FOLLOWING : Matt Bellassai on Twitter. He is HILARIOUS.
NOTICING : how so many of my fave bloggers have placed out. I MISS READING ABOUT YOUR LIVES, PEOPLE.
KNOWING : I have so much schoolwork to do. Halp.
THINKING : this has taken waaaay longer than I anticipated. I need to sleep. ( it’s 10:08pm)
FEELING : my back hurts from laying weirdly on my bed while typing this on my iPad. I hate writing blog posts on my iPad but I needed my computer to watch 30 Rock. #firstworldproblems
BOOKMARKING : I’m really into fashion bloggers all of a sudden. It’s weird.
OPENING : too many tabs. I got to a point where my iPad wouldn’t let me open any more. I have problems.
GIGGLING : Yes, Please. 30 Rock. All the cute animal vines that Ariel sends me on a daily basis. This is why she is my best friend.

And that’s it! I doubt I’ll be back here before I leave for NYC, and I definitely won’t be here while I’m in New York, so I’ll see you guys next week? I’ll be posting on Instagram and Twitter so feel free to follow me there my friends 🙂

in loving memory


I’ve tried to write this post multiple times over the past six days, each time unsuccessful. I considered not writing it at all, partly because I am just so sick of crying and partly because I was unsure if I wanted to publish something so personal and precious to me that may or may not matter at all to the people who read my blog. Obviously I ultimately decided that, like most everything I publish here, it will serve as something I can look back on and read in the future, and I know that my future self will be glad my present self published it.

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’re already well aware that my family is one member smaller as of last Thursday. I mentioned back in September that my sweet dog, Rosie, had cancer. And sadly, on October 30th, we had to let my babygirl go.
(I’m already crying. I hate crying. )
Last Wednesday was a particularly busy day. One of those days where you are out of the house for over twelve hours, and come home utterly exhausted. I arrived home around 9:30 pm, and mom told me Rosie hadn’t eaten all day. It’s funny how I immediately knew that tomorrow would be the day, without it saying it out loud. I spent the rest of the night with Rosie, stroking her fur and crying silently, knowing this was the last time I would get to say goodnight to her. Thursday morning I kissed her as I left for work, as I always do. Leaving the house that morning was one of the hardest thing  I’ve ever had to do, because I knew Rosie wouldn’t be waiting for me when I came home.
Rosie was always waiting for me to come home. During my school years she would wait on the edge of the driveway for my brother and I to get off the bus, every single day.She would run up to greet us so enthusiastically it seemed as if we had been gone for a year, not just a few hours. During my college years, when I would would visit home on the weekend, she would refuse to leave my side the entire weekend. Since I’ve graduated and started working, she would greet me at my car door every single time I came home from work. When I rode the horses, she would lie in the corner of the riding ring until I was done.  She was my shadow for 12 years.

I’ve been very, very lucky in my lifetime in that I have experienced very little loss. Until last Thursday,  I had never experienced that “moment” everyone talks about, the moment you realize that they really are gone, and you aren’t going to ever see them again. When I pulled in my driveway Thursday evening and saw Rosie wasn’t waiting for me, I lost it. I had the whole ugly cry face thing going on, and it sucked. Unless you have animals yourself, unless you know what it’s like to love an animal and know you are loved in return by that animal, you have no clue what it feels like ( and most likely think I am completely insane to be so upset by the loss of a pet).

I’m very thankful I got to spend 12 happy years with Rosie. The past week has been really rough, but I’ll be okay. Life goes on, but I will never ever forget those blue eyes. I miss you, Rose!


thinking out loud thursday #17

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Happy Thinking Out Loud Thursday to you all! Putting this up a little later than usual – but better late than never right?!

1. Officially 13 days until I leave for New York. I am so beyond excited it’s unreal. Ariel and I spent a couple hours on Saturday making a list of things we want to do, and most importantly, places we want to eat. I am so excited to eat ALL the food you guys. Aaaand I am super excited to meet a blog friend in real life for the first time! I have a meet up with Kaitlin planned and I cannot wait!
2. Yes, I, like every other person in the world, has had 1989 on repeat since Monday. I’m really loving the change to pop, to be honest, and I’m loving the whole “I have no interest in boys, I’d rather focus on my girlfriends and career right now” thing she’s got going on. I can relate, TSwizzle, I can relate. My favorite songs off the album (I love them all actually) would have to be Blank Space, Clean, and Wonderland.
3. I’m super excited to celebrate Halloween for the first time in a couple years. Last year I was in Florida, so I didn’t get to dress up and that makes me sad. This year I really wanted to be a witch from Hocus Pocus ( The SJP one, obvs), but lack of time to put together a costume eliminated that one. Ariel and I are going simple and being glow stick ladies. The part we are going to is a blacklight party, so we had to have something white or neon/glowing. I’m making Halloween themed cookies tomorrow and I am oddly excited about it. I just love holiday related crap.
4. It has rained for seven days straight here. SEVEN DAYS. I think I’ve seen the sun for a total of an hour over the past week. This weather is the WORST and it needs to STOP. It’s also fluctuating between muggy/humid and freezing cold. It’s totally ruining the end of fall for me. I hope to Jesus the weather is good in New York while we are there.
5. I went to a group fitness class the other week for the first time in literally forever. I can’t even remember the last time I did a group fitness class, and I looooved it. I plan on going whenever my schedule allows me. However, the BEST part about the whole thing was getting to snuggle my friends Chow puppy beforehand. Isn’t she the CUTEST?!

IMG_6524 (1) IMG_6525
6. Amy Poehler’s book, Yes Please, came out on Tuesday, and I’m kind of regretting pre-ordering it on Amazon because I’m apparently not going to receive it until November 4th and I’m kinda not okay with it. If this article is any indication, it’s going to exceed my expectations.
7. I’m currently reading Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso and Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham. I’d recommend both. I’ve actually taken the time to write down quite a few excerpts from Girl Boss, it’s that good. And Lena is just hilarious, candid, and just plain weird. It’s lovely and refreshing.
8. Let’s talk TV. Scandal is just starting to get crazy. It hasn’t been really crazy this season I’ve found, until last episode. Shit is starting to get cray. I’m looking forward to Mellie starting to get her shit together. I know her son died and all, but I need more from her storyline aside from cereal eating and bathrobes and Uggs. I’m still loving How To Get Away With Murder, I like how the story is starting to unfold and becoming easier to follow. I think it’s one of those shows that needs awhile to really get it’s feet under it. Grey’s is good. It makes me sad though. The episode from two weeks ago, the one with Merediths mother, was by far my favorite episode from the last few seasons. It reminded me of the old Grey’s, and I loved that. I’m starting to catch up on this season of Parenthood, and I’ve bawled both times. That show KILLS me. Which is saying a lot because I don’t usually cry. The Good Wife is by FAR the best show I’m watching right now. It’s just so, so good. The writing, acting, editing, just everything about it is spectacular. It’s the show I pay the most attention to minute details in, I just want to absorb everything.
9. This. X10.

10. There is a new Marcel The Shell. If you don’t know what that is, I’m not sure we can be friends. Be a dear and watch the first one. Makes me smile!


And with that, I leave you with the following question: WHAT ARE YOU DRESSING UP AS FOR HALLOWEEN?

I truly believe you are never too old to dress up.

Happy Scandal Thursday everyone!

sometimes you just gotta live


Oh hi there!

I could make up some kind of excuse as to why I fell off the face of the blogging earth. However, I’m going to follow some of my own advice and not apologize. Sometimes you gotta step back. Sometimes life steps in and demands to be lived, instead of merely being documented here on the internet, ya know? However, blogging is my one creative outlet, and I’ve missed it dearly over the last couple weeks. I also really miss my blogging friends. I feel very disconnected from all you beautiful people when I don’t blog, which may sound silly, but this is the Internet Age after all.

So here I am, with nothing in particular to say. It’s funny, most of my time spent at work is spent thinking of things I could turn into a blog post. I have hundreds of ideas in my head, and not a single spare minute to actually create them. First world problems much?!  I will say during the past couple weeks of absence I have spent an obnoxious amount of time thinking how much I despise my blog layout. At the same time, I don’t exactly want to pay three hundred bucks for a pretty new design, nor do I have the time to learn how to code it myself. Again, with the first world problems, I KNOW. I’ll get my shit together someday, maybe. I’ve been messing around with fonts a lot, creating a new header for myself.  Gotta start somewhere right?

Was there a point to this blog post? Not really. Other than to say HI, I’M BACK, YOU STILL LOVE ME RIGHT?!

Please, please, catch me up on all your lives please. Also, I am all ears for any blog design advice. I’ll be back tomorrow for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. As if this post wasn’t rambly enough for you!


PS: I’m on bloglovin’ ! I’ve actually been there for a long while, but I’m kinda dumb and forgot to actually link my blog there!

thinking out loud thursday #16

Happy Thursday!

I’m going to switch over and do a Thinking Out Loud Thursday post today instead of Blogtober! Blogtober’s prompt was favorite Halloween costume, and I didn’t have any time to go through my old photos of Halloween costumes from when I was a kid, so I’m going to join Amanda today and ramble about a whole bunch of nonsense.

1. I totally scored reserved tickets to see a taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers when I am in New York in November!! We tried to get Jimmy Fallon tickets but, as expected, they sold out within the 30seconds it took us to get to the website. Sad face. However, I’m still excited to see a taping of Late Night, because as you all know, I’ve got a huge crush on Seth Meyers. Just a little over a month left until our trip!!!

photo 3 (1)

2. Has everyone seen Gone Girl yet? If you haven’t, you should! I read the book a few months back and adored it, so I had high hopes for the movie and I was not disappointed! I found it stayed pretty true to the book, and it definitely gave me the suspensful, creepy feeling I had when I read the book! The soundtrack was a key player in that, and Rosamund Pike was delightfully creepy. That bedroom scene?! Even though I knew it was coming, it totally caught be by surprise. Speaking of movies, you should also go see This Is Where I Leave You!! The casting is perfect, and the acting is fantastic. I haven’t read the book but this movie really made me feel all the feelings, if you know what I mean. I almost went to see it twice, but the night I went to see it the second time, the projector wasn’t working so I ended up seeing Gone Girl instead. So yes, go see it!

3. As for TV, I watched a couple new pilots over the weekend that I really enjoyed, Bad Judge (with Kate Walsh) and A to Z (with people I’ve never heard of). I wasn’t expecting to like A to Z, but it really surprised me. I’m not usually one for really cutesy TV shows, but this is quirky yet cute, and drew me in. I’m not sure how long it will last, but I’ll keep watching! Bad Judge was pretty funny, I’m interested to see where it goes. I love Kate Walsh, she plays the character really well. Any pilots you guys have watched and recommend? Besides How To Get Away With Murder of course! I’m really loving that show, Shonda really can do no wrong.Except for the special effects on Grey’s this year…they need to fix that shit ASAP.  This is a really (albeit a bit long) interview with Shonda that I found interesting. I love that she really, truly, takes shit from no one, yet is respectful at the same time.  This is another article I read earlier this week that I loved, which examines how Alicia Florrick’s (Good Wife, duhhh) campaign is going to make for an interesting season. Last week’s episode was particularly good writing & editing. I’m such a nerd when it comes to that kind of thing!

4. Dragging myself away from movies and TV for a second…School, Work, school, sleep is pretty much my everyday routine. I’m forcing myself to take a slower week next week, including taking next Friday off because otherwise I’m gonna run myself straight into the ground! I’ve noticed that I’ve felt overwhelmed for about a month now, so something needs to change. I love being busy, but making time for yourself is just as important. It’s Thanksgiving this weekend over here in Canada land so I’m looking forward to a Friendsgiving, and hopefully just chilling the eff out for a bit. If this scene from last Friday repeated itself, I wouldn’t be mad!

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset photo 2 (41)

Truth: The time of year in which I get to watch Hocus Pocus is the BEST. Mildly obsessed with that movie.

5. And, I have to keep this post on the shorter side because I am running out of time this morning! I chose an extra 20minutes of sleep instead of writing a long blog post, sue me!

What was the last movie you saw?

a letter to my future self



Dear Future Jenna,

This letter is coming to you from Jenna of 10 years ago. 10 years is a really long time, and with so many variables, so many possible curveballs that life could throw you, so it was nearly impossible for me to write to you. I could tell you that I hope you’ve settled down with a nice husband, in a nice house, in a nice neighbourhood, with a nice kid or two. I could tell you that it’s my greatest wish for you to have a good paying job that allows you some financial freedom. However, in my opinion, all that really matters to me is that you’re happy.  I hope you’ve stuck true to yourself, and what you believe in. I hope you’ve become that strong, independent woman you’ve always aspired to be. I hope you love your job, and I hope it challenges and inspires you to be better, to be more. I hope you haven’t given up on your dreams, and I hope you’ve made the time to travel this world. I hope you’ve made the effort to maintain your friendships, because they are SO worth it. I hope you’ve been able to let go of fear and anxiety, and just lived your damn life to the fullest.

Sure, a nice husband, in a nice house, in a nice neighbourhood, with a nice kid or two would be exactly that: nice. But if that’s not what you decided you wanted, then I’m more than happy for you. Strive to live a happy and fulfilled life babe, cause’ that’s really all that matters.

Love you,

Your Younger Self

Helene in Between Blogtober

Travel Tuesday : my best vacation


family vacation in Florida last October!


The prompt for Blogtober today is your best/worst vacation.

We didn’t travel much when I was a kid. The first time I went out of the province was when we went to Florida for the first time when I was 12. It’s really only been the past year or so that I have realized how much I love travelling, and how many places there are that I want to go! Therefore, I can honestly say that I have never had a bad vacation. I’ve been on 4 family vacations to Florida, I’ve been to Vegas & L.A with my best friend, PEI with a group of friends, and that’s pretty much it for long road trips/flying. Isn’t that sad?! I know I am super lucky to have even had the chance to travel that much, but I cannot wait for more! This may be getting ahead of myself and jinxing it, but I believe my upcoming NYC trip will be my best vacation yet. I’ve wanted to explore New York for so long, and I’m beyond excited I finally am going to get to do it!

Every vacation I’ve taken so far has been really special to me. I’ve loved every trip to Florida we have taken because we don’t often spend that much time together as a family, and I never realize how much I love it until we are all together. My Vegas/LA trip was amazing because it was my first time flying without my parents, the first trip I’ve taken with just my best friend, and we got to experience SO MUCH STUFF that was just incredible. PEI fulfilled a childhood dream of mine, and I got to explore a really beautiful province/town!

I’m so excited for adventures ahead!


Tell me, where is your favorite place to visit/vacation?! 

Helene in Between Blogtober

10 things I wish I told myself….

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I know I did! I’m also super happy that the weather has turned around and we are back to sunshine/ Indian summer over here. It was gloomy all weekend, and while I can appreciate a good stormy day, my mood is significantly happier when the sun is shining! Today’s Blogtober prompt is 10 things I wish I told myself when I started blogging…

{ generic laptop/notebook/lame blogging photo found via tumblr}

1. The comparison trap is very real in the blogging world. Don’t get caught up in it. While the grass may look greener on the other side, your grass is equally as green, so be thankful for it!

2. You have to find your own voice. Don’t try to copy other blogggers’ writing style. Just be yourself, always.

3. Blogging takes up a significant amount of time. You can’t rush, because when you hurry to write and publish something, it will most likely be unsatisfying and you will hate it. Sometimes you won’t have the time, and that’s okay.

4. Never apologize for not posting. Don’t feel guilty for taking time away.  This isn’t your full time job, so chill out!

5. Commenting on other people’s blogs is the way to make friends. People don’t magically find you, you have to put yourself out there and make friends!

6. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s okay. You can’t please everyone, don’t take it personally.

7. You’re going to make some really good friends. There are some really wonderful people out there, cherish those friendships.

8. The free wordpress themes suck. If you’re going to stick to this, just invest in a good theme. ( Working on this. This theme is driving me cray. )

9. It’s your blog. Talk about what you want! Don’t be ashamed to talk about something you like.

10. You’re first posts are super embarrassing. It’s inevitable, it’s okay if you suck at this blogging thing at first. Everyone does.

Helene in Between Blogtober