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On New Year’s day (after I slept until noon), I got Ariel to snap some photos of my ponies & I. I love these three goofballs so much, and I don’t have too many photos of us together and I am usually the ones taking the photos! I have to say the photo of Pearl (dark brown) & I is my absolute fave.

Just for fun, here’s one more that made me laugh really hard. Lucy is the biggest doofus in the world.


Have a great Wednesday!!


2014 in review

Happy Monday!

Sure, it may already be five days into the new year, but I really wanted to do a 2014 recap. I had noticed last week that all I saw all over social media was how 2014 was an absolute shitfest, or “the worst year ever”. I refrained from expressing my opinion of that at the time, but as I looked back through some old blog posts from throughout the year, I realized that for me, 2014 was the total opposite of a bad year.

Sure, it had it’s truly awful moments. Like, rock bottom awful. The winter of 2013-2014 truly was the worst winter have had since I was a kid. It lasted from November to May (seriously, we had a blizzard in MAY), and it just plain sucked. The best distractions proved to be photo taking adventures (there’s no denying snow is the prettiest), award shows (recaps are my FAVE posts).




Guys, I miss this beautiful face so much.

photo 2 (6)

In March, I set off on my very first travel adventure with my best friend. We had ten sunshine filled days exploring Vegas, we went to a fan convention, we saw the Grand Canyon. We drove ourselves from Vegas to LA. I saw the entire cast of Parks & Rec (including Amy Poehler!!) in person. It’s with this trip that I officially fell head over heels in love with travelling.






April was filled with training for my very first 10K race, being teased by the weather with the idea of spring. May brought my first 10K. More photo adventures. The usual. May was also the celebration of my first year of blogging.





June and July consisted of the most schoolwork/studying I’ve ever done in my life. If I had to pick a low point of the year, I’d probably choose the majority of July. July saw many a mental breakdown, tears, not enough sleep and way too much coffee. However, as all things tend to do, it passed.

photo 3 (15)

photo 1 (24)

I had the entire month of August off from school, and I took advantage of it fully. I spent as much time as possible outside with my friends, teaching riding lessons, biking, riding ponies, visiting the beach, playing SO much softball, and generally enjoying time off. I fulfilled a childhood dream at the end of August when I got to see Shania Twain live in concert in PEI ( front row!!) . PEI weekend was by far my favorite weekend of the summer.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

photo 2 (33)


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

photo 1 (36)

photo 4 (20)



In September I turned 22, and finally fit into that damn Taylor Swift song. I celebrated with my favorite people in the entire world, and couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. Ariel and I won a 20K bike race we had trained over the summer for, and I think I forgot to blog about it. Oh, and I started school again. (Booooo).



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

October brought ALL THE FALL THINGS! However, the end of October was another low point as I suffered the loss of one of my dogs. I miss my sweet Rosie every single day, and I don’t think I’ll fix that piece of my heart that broke when she passed.

photo 2 (41)


November brought the trip I’ve been waiting for since as long as I can remember. NEW YORK! It really, truly was a dream to finally explore that city, to see Broadway shows in person made my musical theatre heart burst with happiness. I’ve had the worst kind of wanderlust ever since I got back.





Then we have December. Which consisted of ALL the Christmas related things, multiple viewings of Frozen, drinks upon drinks upon games of cards against humanity with my favorite people, and a lot of schoolwork.



2014, you were overall a great year. I learned a lot about myself. I did things I never ever thought I would get to do. I was inspired by new friends, overwhelmed by the love of my old ones, cried a lot, watched a lot of telelvision, surpassed a lot of physical goals, and survived the tough times.

NYC : the full recap

It was in the middle of summer that Ariel & I decided that we could, should and WOULD be going to New York this fall. We spent an unbelievable amount of time trying to decide when the perfect time to go would be. We researched when the most tourists would be around (October & Thanksgiving week on – DUH. ), when the Christmas decorations would be up, when the weather wouldn’t be too warm, etc. etc. I think that it’s safe to say, as evidenced from the photos below, that we picked the perfect week to go. It was chilly, but not freezing. The leaves on the trees in the park were still intact and were beyond beautiful. There were tourists (like ourselves) but not too many. Except in Times Square, which was avoided as much as possible as soon as we figured that shit out.

Vacation recaps are so difficult. I’d love to write out every meticulous detail, and share every photo we took, but I think that would be just a bit much, no? I tried to narrow it down as much as possible so as to save you guys from boredom. You’re Welcome!

ps: If you missed part one & two, you’d best see those first! 

We spent a lot of time in Central Park. Atleast 5 hours walking everywhere in that beautiful place. While I liked the rushing people and the noise of the actual city, the park was really, really nice. Aside from the occasional smell of vomit, but what can you expect when you’re in NYC?
IMG_1360 IMG_1368 IMG_1461


Can we just.. take a moment to look at that?! Freakin’ amazing. 



I learned very quickly that you don’t really have to do much planning in order to see things in NYC. Just throw on comfortable boots, a scarf, and head outside. Walk a few blocks and you are most likely to end up seeing something you’ve seen on TV, or on blogs, or in movies…Just EXPLORE! And that is exactly what we did.

IMG_1472 1491335_10154816766780403_5299140362518850132_o IMG_1474 IMG_1399

DSC04168 IMG_3294_2 DSC04247 DSC04377 IMG_3337_2 IMG_3364 IMG_3389_2

We loved the Museum of Natural History, the NY Public Library was absolutely insane ( I’m oddly such a geek for stunning architecture!), Rockefeller Plaza was amazing ( soooo wish the tree was lit!), Grand Central Station was smaller than we expected (?!) , I liked the Central Park Zoo, as long as I don’t think too hard about the animals stuck in a concrete jungle.

IMG_1478 IMG_1582

DSC04434 DSC04439 DSC04457

I fell even more in love with Seth Meyers when we went to a taping of Late Night. We got front row, and were about two feet from him when he came over to talk to producers during commercial breaks. He’s adorable & hilarious. The top of 30 Rock was incredible. It’s surprisingly quiet up there, the noise of the city is muffled, and I spent a lot of time just standing there & staring like an idiot. It was an awesome moment, and we went both in the daytime & at night, just because.

IMG_3487 10397056_10154816777750403_2363555865198352116_o

The Lion King on Broadway was incredible. The music and costumes were stunning, and I was surprised how closely it followed the movie. The Lion King has been Ariel’s favorite since she was a kid, and I’m soooo happy that she got to see it live. If/Then was my absolute favorite though. I honestly had no idea what the storyline of the play was going into it, I only bought tickets because I’d be damned if I was going to New York and didn’t see Idina Menzel on Broadway, but the plot of the play was moving, funny, heartbreaking, and thought provoking. The entire cast was spectacular, and I’m still amazed that a voice like that can come out of such a little person like Idina. I may or may not be plotting how I can get back to NYC asap and see as many shows as possible – I’ve loved theatre for so long, now I’ve got the bug and it’s all I want to do! I’ve had a lot of people ask me what my favorite part of my trip was, and I’d say the plays were my absolute favorite part.

The thing about travelling is that once you do it, it’s all you think about. Ever since I got back, all I can think about is where I’m going to go to next. I will be back to New York for sure, hopefully sooner rather than later. You can only experience a city for the first  time once, and I think I made my first time count.  I’ll stop with the photos & rambling now, kudos to you if you actually read all this & looked at all the photos!

Till next time, NYC.

Love you.

sometimes you just gotta live


Oh hi there!

I could make up some kind of excuse as to why I fell off the face of the blogging earth. However, I’m going to follow some of my own advice and not apologize. Sometimes you gotta step back. Sometimes life steps in and demands to be lived, instead of merely being documented here on the internet, ya know? However, blogging is my one creative outlet, and I’ve missed it dearly over the last couple weeks. I also really miss my blogging friends. I feel very disconnected from all you beautiful people when I don’t blog, which may sound silly, but this is the Internet Age after all.

So here I am, with nothing in particular to say. It’s funny, most of my time spent at work is spent thinking of things I could turn into a blog post. I have hundreds of ideas in my head, and not a single spare minute to actually create them. First world problems much?!  I will say during the past couple weeks of absence I have spent an obnoxious amount of time thinking how much I despise my blog layout. At the same time, I don’t exactly want to pay three hundred bucks for a pretty new design, nor do I have the time to learn how to code it myself. Again, with the first world problems, I KNOW. I’ll get my shit together someday, maybe. I’ve been messing around with fonts a lot, creating a new header for myself.  Gotta start somewhere right?

Was there a point to this blog post? Not really. Other than to say HI, I’M BACK, YOU STILL LOVE ME RIGHT?!

Please, please, catch me up on all your lives please. Also, I am all ears for any blog design advice. I’ll be back tomorrow for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. As if this post wasn’t rambly enough for you!


PS: I’m on bloglovin’ ! I’ve actually been there for a long while, but I’m kinda dumb and forgot to actually link my blog there!

we are tied to the ocean


I really don’t know why it is that all of us are so committed to the sea, except I think it’s because in addition to the fact that the sea changes, and the light changes, and ships change, it’s because we all came from the sea. And it is an interesting biological fact that all of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea – whether it is to sail or to watch it – we are going back from whence we came.” – John F. Kennedy

eight eleven five four nine seven six ten three twelve twoEven though I tend to complain a lot about where I live, I really cannot imagine not living within a 5-10 minute drive of the ocean. The smell of the salt, the chilly wind, the sound of the waves hitting the rocks, all of it feels like home. I had never been to this particular beach, and Ariel & I discovered it on Easter Sunday. When we happen to both have the time, we like to drive around to places we have never been, and I insisted on bringing the cameras this time around. Speaking of cameras, all photos were taken by Ariel this time. My camera somehow managed to eat up all photos I took that evening, which was super disappointing, but atleast I’ve got these ones from her.

ps: that house? Creepiest thing ever up close. It is apparently a summer home, but it looks like something out of a horror movie.

pps: Yes, it is still cold enough here to wear a beanie. Spring? Never heard of it.

day in the life : round two


8am – waking up to sunshine is nice. and yes, i still sleep with stuffed animals.

9am – coffee.

10am – physics.

11am – weights with a side of Jimmy Fallon.

12pm – lunch.

1pm – walk the puppies.

3pm – smooooooothie.

4pm – first ride of 2014!! thank you, sunshine.

6pm – waiting for ariel to meet up for a run.

9pm – catching up on glee in bed.

I saw this idea for “photo an hour” on a blog somewhere and I cannot remember where! I thought it was a cool idea. The hours I missed taking photos were spent studying, so you didn’t miss anything. 😉 This was a pretty typical Monday for me… I highly recommend working at a place that is closed on Mondays!!

what’s your favorite time of day? I am definitely a morning person..after I get out of bed, that is.

that one time i went to a fan convention

if you missed part one of my Vegas recap, click here!



Do you recognize these guys?

No? Yes? Maybe?

That would be Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles, aka the hot lead actors of the show Supernatural. And why do I have photos of them from Vegas?

Because I went to a convention for the tv show, Supernatural.

Some of you probably think I’m weird. Or crazy. Or nerdy. But hear me out.

First off, I should clarify that attending this convention was a HUGE bucket list thing for my best friend. Like, top of the list. Jensen Ackles to her is Amy Poehler to me. So, when she asked me about seven months ago if I would go to Vegas with her to attend a convention for the show Supernatural, I immediately said YES. There really is nothing that feels as good as seeing your best friend at her happiest. I’m so happy I got to experience that with her.

The convention itself was four days. And while it was four long days, with lots of waiting in lines for autographs, photo ops, etc. it was completely worth it. We got to meet so many people from the show, we got to sit in on panels with actors, producers, directors. Have you ever got to listen to people speak about things they are extremely passionate about? It’s fucking awesome. It was just so cool to hear about all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on. How a TV show is put together. How storylines come together.

Everyone was so, so kind. And beautiful. And hilarious. And interesting. It was just such a fun experience!



One of the actors, Rob Benedict, is in a band and they were the house band that played in between panels and such the entire weekend. They played mostly 80s rock, as that is the main soundtrack of the show, and it was awesome. Plus, who doesn’t love a man in a powder blue tuxedo?!

Aside from the general awesome that was the convention itself, I feel like I learned a lot from the fans that attended with us. I kind of have an outside perspective of the whole experience because, while I am a fan of the show, everyone there is a FAN of the show. Like, hardcore. Think a Comic Con type situation. I find a society places this weird, unfair stigma on fans. They make them out to be psychotic, uncontrollable, screaming fan girls who throw themselves at celebrities. And while those people do exist I’m sure, it’s not the case for 99% of people. Just because you love something you shouldn’t feel ashamed to love it, nor should you be stigmatized for loving it. Being in a room with a bunch of people who all collectively love and feel passionately about something is amazing. Everyone is friendly, and supportive of everyone else. And no one is ashamed of it.



So if you want to think we are nerdy or weird, that’s okay. But I don’t. I think we love something, had the opportunity to go see something we loved, and it turned out to be the best trip of our lives!

If you want to do something, go do it. If you love something, don’t be ashamed of that. You do you.

And with that, I hope you guys all have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!! 🙂

Favorite TV Show? Would you go to a fan convention?
Have you ever met someone famous?

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #4


I know I said that my next post was going to be another Vegas recap but I’m going to save that for tomorrow’s post because I haven’t done a Thinking Out Loud Thursday in a couple weeks and I feel as though I have a lot of random things to talk about!

1. Predictably, I am going to start by talking about television. I caught up on most of my shows almost as soon as I got back from Vegas. Can I ask why my favorite characters keep getting killed off?!! I knew it was going to happen on Scandal, but man.. The Good Wife killed me this week. I was so taken by surprise I actually screamed at the television. Ariel happened to be at my house while I was watching it and she looked at me as if I had two heads. What can I say? I really get into my shows.

2. We had a huge blizzard yesterday. Like, 30 cm+ of snow, 100km/h winds blizzard. On MARCH 25TH. I’m really upset that it is still so cold here. Ariel and I have discussed moving to the West Coast multiple times a day, everday since we got back. It’s just not fair! Pretty much the entire province shut down, im pretty sure it was the worst storm we have had all winter. I was off work yesterday AND I had to reschedule my clients for today because we are so snowed in & my road has not been plowed. Insert angry face here.

3. On a running note, I had an amazing 7k run on Tuesday. It was kind of a “calm before the storm” day. Sunny skies, no wind for the first time since I came home, and it was chilly but not freezing. I kind of let exercise slide during vacation, I think I worked out maybe 4 times in eight days? I was worried I might have lost some running stamina, but was pleased that I didn’t totally feel like dying the entire time during my run. I don’t think I can bring myself to start running on the treadmill again, so I’m hoping this snow goes away quickly!

4. I am obsessed with cucumbers and cherry tomatos all of a sudden. I used to be the pickiest vegetarian in the world, I could count the number of vegetables I liked on my fingers, but all of a sudden I want ALL the veggies. It’s weird. You’re welcome for this completely useless knowledge about me.

5. Physics still makes me want to cry. I’ve made a pact with myself to do atleast an hour a day, no matter what. I find it easiest when I do a little everyday, so I don’t forget concepts/ equations. It’s a struggle guys, a real struggle. I am excited for my university friend’s to come home because I bribed one of them with coffee & donuts to be my physics tutor. All my other courses are going well though.

6. I started watching The Office this past weekend. It’s kind of odd I never watched it before, considering I’m such a comedy nerd and it is such a classic, but I love it. Also, i’m finally finished Season 1 of Orange Is The New Black, which is another good show. I’ve also heard a lot about the comedy Broad City, so I’m looking into that. House of Cards and True Detective are also on my ( extensive ) list. Are you guys sick of hearing me blab about tv yet? I just really want to watch tv and write about it. Is there such a job out there? Cause’  I would be alll over that!

7. Can’t stop reading Gone Girl!! The lovely Carrie sent me her copy, and I can’t put it down! It’s so good. I simultaneously want to just sit and finish it all yet also want to make it last as long as possible. I’m about 2/3 of the way finished! Highly recommend it!

I think that is all I have to ramble on about for now!
Is it still winter where you are?
Where are you taking your next vacation?
I’m looking for some new blogs to read! Share some of your favorites with me, please! 🙂

travel tuesday : vegas 2014

Hi Guys!!

I’m laughing at myself for thinking that I would actually have the time during our vacation to blog.  I’ve been home for five days now and I’ve only just gotten around to typing this post out! This is the first of three posts, by the way. There is no way I could compress it all into one.. there was just too much! Also, i’m stealing Carrie’s “travel tuesday” title, because it’s late and I’m too tired to think up a witty title 😉


After a 3am wakeup call (because someone thought we had to be at the airport three hours early), about 12 hours of travel & layovers, and a 4 hour time difference, we arrived in Vegas. We both found it hilarious how the pilot annouced the weather in Vegas as “partly cloudy”…there were maybe four clouds scattered across the sky?

I don’t know about you guys, but where I live, partly cloudy means you might get a glimpse of the sun through the clouds… If you are lucky.

The weather was perfect the entire time we were there. Apparently it only rains about 4inches per year there?! Waking up and looking outside the hotel window to bright sunshine, cloudless skies, and mountains in the distance was a damn good way to start each morning. After the winter we’ve had here at home, it felt indescribably good to soak up the sunshine for eight straight days.

side note: we came home to freezing rain, cold wind, and apparently we are getting a huge snowstorm this Wednesday? I don’t want to talk about it…

Anyway, in case you have never been to Vegas, you should know that everything there is overwhelmingly huge, over the top, sparkly, and generally spectacular. We spent a lot of time walking in and out of the hotels along The Strip and we still didn’t have time to see every hotel.




( random guy who we asked to take a photo of us. He decided to take a selfie instead!! He was awesome. )





( I should mention that we spent an entire four days of our trip at a convention, so it took a lot of our time. But that’s all coming in another post! )

Along with walking in and out of the hotels, we also visited the wax museum and the Bodies exhibit. Bodies is this awesome exhibit in the Luxor hotel which is essentially different rooms filled with cadavers dissected in different ways to explain and show you all the intricacies of the human anatomy. If you’re not into that kind of thing it probably sounds gross, but I’m a huge science/anatomy nerd so I loved it! Everything was in glass boxes, of course, so it wasn’t interactive in any way ( I’ve visited an actual cadaver lab before and got to touch all the organs and such before ), but it was still worth the money.  



We also went to a Cirque de Soleil show! We saw Mystere, at Treasure Island, which was incredible. I expected more of a storyline…but it truly is incredible what people can do with their bodies.

We stayed at the Stratosphere hotel, which was located at the far end of the strip. We got a really good deal on our flight &hotel, so I was a bit wary as to the quality of hotel room we were going to end up with, but it turned out great! The Stratosphere has a “tower” at the top, where you take an elevator ( that climbs 3 floors per second) up 103 floors, which opens into a bar with incredible views. Photos don’t even begin to do it justice!

You know what else had crazy views?

The Grand motherf*ckin Canyon


As I had mentioned previously, we decided to book a bus tour of the Grand Canyon/ Hoover Dam. While it was the longest day ever ( 6am-10:30pm), it was so completely worth it. If you ever get the opportunity to take a trip to the Grand Canyon, DO IT.It’s really hard to describe how breathtaking it is. When we first walked up to the edge, Ariel and I just looked at each other and then stared in disbelief for a good five minutes. Looking out across the canyon doesn’t look real. It looks like after a certain point it is just green screen. I want to go back!

Moving on.. let’s talk food.

Actually, let’s first discuss how freakin’ expensive food is in Vegas. Maybe I was limited due to my vegetarianism, but damn. I think I spent about 200 bucks (atleast) on food over the eight days. And coffee? I’ve never missed Tim Hortons prices so much.  I’m also probably not going to eat oatmeal for a long time..Ariel and I bought McDonalds oatmeal & iced coffee nearly every single morning at our hotel because it was cheap/semi-healthy.  However,all the money spent was totally worth it. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. I didn’t get photos of everything, but I got a few!

This salad looks small in the photo, but trust me, it was huge. And that biscuit?! It must’ve weighed half a pound. I’m drooling just thinking about it. This was at a restaurant called Hash House a Go Go, inside the Rio Hotel. Apparently the restaurant was on Man vs. Food? We also ate there another time, and split a huge portobello mushroom burger, which was also awesome. Surprisingly, it was probably the cheapest place we ate!

WE FOUND CRONUTS. Oh my god you guys, I think I can die happy now that I have eaten one of those beautiful croissant/donut hybrids. I can’t even begin to describe the deliciousness. We found this one in a bakery at New York New York hotel. Y’all should find somewhere near you that sells cronuts because I’ve had dreams about it since.

Also, self serve fro yo. I just…I ate a lot of fro yo, guys. An embarassing amount. But HEY, when on vacay, right? They had a place at one of the hotels ( I think it was the Rio) where for $5 you could get as much froyo and toppings as you wanted. FOR ONLY FIVE DOLLARS. I abused the sh*t out of that deal, damn straight. The froyo in the photo is from a place in LA.

I really, really miss self serve froyo places.

Oh yeah, we didn’t gamble. Not one slot machine, not one card game. We went to Vegas and didn’t gamble. My bad? And, if you follow me on twitter, you probably saw that for some weird reason, I only had ONE alcoholic drink the entire eight days. Something about being SO busy and waking up early most mornings made waking up dehydrated with a hangover was not appealing….So our one alcoholic beverage a piece:
Alright, I think that is enough words photos for one post! Next post I’m going to recap the convention we went to! I actually don’t think I mentioned it on the blog before now, so I’m kind of excited to reveal the awesome ( & maybe slightly weird?) reason we actually planned this trip to Vegas in the first place!

Thanks for reading guys 🙂 I’m still in the process on catching up on your blogs! I’ll get there, eventually !!

Have you been to Vegas before? What was your favorite thing?

Favorite vacation you have ever taken? This trip was definitely my favorite I have ever taken!