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On New Year’s day (after I slept until noon), I got Ariel to snap some photos of my ponies & I. I love these three goofballs so much, and I don’t have too many photos of us together and I am usually the ones taking the photos! I have to say the photo of Pearl (dark brown) & I is my absolute fave.

Just for fun, here’s one more that made me laugh really hard. Lucy is the biggest doofus in the world.


Have a great Wednesday!!


thinking out loud thursday #19


Christmas trees make me SO happy. Yes, she is crooked, LEAVE HER ALONE.


1.I totally started writing this post a week ago and then was too tired last Wednesday to finish & post it last week so this is  mish mash of last week’s news and this week’s news. 🙂

2. Idina Menzel annouced a world tour for next summer and I about died of happiness. Her site crashed immediately after she announced, so I sat anxiously, waiting to see if there was any Canadian tour dates and lo and behold there are. I immediately texted Ariel and she graciously told me that we can drive to Montreal to see Idina. I kind of have the most amazing best friend in the world, y’all should be jealous.

Update: We bought tickets!!! September 1st in Montreal, 6 rows back from the stage, baby.

For now, enjoy this version of Let It Go from the CMA Country Christmas concert from earlier this week. SO. freaking good. I loooove Jennifer Nettles a whole bunches.

4. Let’s talk about TV: uhmmm SCANDAL?!! Holy shit that winter finale was so good. I don’t know how I didn’t see that Olivia kidnapping thing coming, but I was like WTF. I was totally convinced Papa Pope was gonna come out of the closet and knife Jake when he went to get the blanket. The scene between Papa Pope & Liv was kind of heartbreaking. Liv’s mom is hella cray, and Mellie straight up TOLD Liz . Endless Love playing in the background when Charlie & Quinn were beating the shit out of each other/ doing it? I laughed SO hard. Grey’s Anatomy is all kinds of UGHHHH. Derek did the same weird thing a couple of seasons ago. Remember when he had that thing where he liked to drive really fast and recklessly? It feels like that Derek is back and it’s awful. I much prefer the happy MerDer. I’m really warming up to the Arizona storyline, I like Geena Davis’ character a lot. Clearly not enough to remember the character’s name. Oopsie. The Good Wife was spectacular as usual, Cary & Kalinda kinda stole the episode for me, the last few scenes broke my heart in two. I’m very curious to see how everything is going to play out.

5. Now, movies – who has seen Mockingjay?! I still haven’t seen it yet & it is killing me!! Also soooo pumped for Into The Woods on Christmas!  And Pitch Perfect 2. And Jurassic World – just so many good movies are coming out, I can’t stand it. And Cake, starring Jennifer Aniston. It’s different than what she usually does and it looks amazing!

6. Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, did you guys see the Curse Off she and Lisa Kudrow did on Jimmy Kimmel? Hilarious.

I would SLAY at a Curse Off. I really, really want to do one. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I think it would be freaking hilarious.

7. My Macbook came last night and I am already obsessed. Retina Display is SO PRETTY. Looking at my PC now is like looking through dirty glasses and it is awful. I must say I am excellent at giving myself Christmas presents.



8. So far driving to Montreal for the concert next year are the only travel plans that I have and it is totally freaking me out. Ever since I got back from NYC, as happens every time I get home from a trip, I have spent a lot of time thinking about where I want to go next. January and February are going to be all about saving up the $$ to travel. I cannot for the life of me decide where I want to go, all I know is that I NEED to meet more blogger friends next year. I’m kind of obsessed with you guys 😉

9. What are your  favourite Christmas movies ?! I need some recommendations, I feel like I watch the same ones over and over every single year, and while I love them, I need some new ones! Do share please!

10. I’m unsure as to if I am going to watch Peter Pan Live tonight, but Laura Benanti auditioning for all the parts in the play is freaking hilarious.

Thanks again to Amanda  for hosting Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Have a wonderful day lovely people!

the 4 question survey


I’ve seen this fun little questionnaire aaaall around blogland, although I first saw it on Natalie’s blog, and since I am not one to turn down a fun survey, I thought I’d fill it out for myself. I nominated 4 cuties at the end as well, but anyone please feel free to fill it out! I’m obviously nosy as shit and want to know all your answers too 🙂

1. Four names that people call me, other than my real name:



Thing #1 ( I was dubbed thing #1 by my softball team after a tournament one weekend. We had 3 girls named Jenna/Jennifer!)

Jen ( hardly anyone calls me this! )

2. Four jobs I have had:

Babysitter. ( I do NOT like babysitting. End of story. )

Horseback Riding Instructor (still do it every summer! Favorite thing. )

Groom/ Stablehand (haaaay mucking out 10 stalls a day. )

Massage Therapist ( current job. )
3. Four movies I have watched more than once:



Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Silver Linings Playbook
4. Four Books I recommend:

Yes, Please by Amy Poehler

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns by Mindy Kaling

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Bossypants by Tina Fey

(clearly there is a theme among books I read. )
5. Four places I have lived:


Current Hometown

6. Four Places I have been:

Las Vegas

Los Angeles

New York City

7. Four places I would rather be right now:



On a beach with a drink. Preferably a strawberry daquiri

Getting a massage.  (my whole body hurts)
8. Four things I don’t eat:


Green/Red/Yellow/Orange peppers

Mr. Noodles

CELERY. (I have a strong belief that celery is the devil. )
9. Four of my favourite foods:

Cereal. (ALL the cereal. )

All fruit.

chocolate/yogurt covered pretzels

Frozen Yogurt (w/ insane amounts of toppings)
10. Four TV Shows I watch:

Parks & Recreation

The Good Wife

The Mindy Project


*insert about 10 billion more shows here*
11. Four things I am looking forward to next year:


Seeing Idina Menzel in concert

Moving out?!

12. Four things I am always saying:


*insert various forms of the F word here*

Babe! (I call all of my animals babe. did you really think I was referring to a boy? Gross. )

Bitch please. (clearly I have a very eloquent and lady like vocabulary)

13. Four bloggers I tag:





&&& anyone else who feels like filling it out! Make sure you leave me a comment if you do fill it out so I can stalk your answers! 😉

being an adult is exhausting – a weekend recap

Happy Monday!

I kinda disappeared after posting my NYC recap last week, but it was my first full week at work post-vacation, thus meaning life kinda took over. It’s kind of funny how in just two weeks you can forget just how exhausting adult life is. Life is hard, y’all. As evidenced by my extreme crisis I had Saturday morning :


I survived, in case you were wondering.

Let’s rewind to Friday for a second. It started off great. Friday is the easiest day for me to get out of bed in the morning, probably because it takes me the entire five days to get used to waking up at 7am, only to be ruined every weekend by allowing myself to sleep in and thus perpetuating a continuous cycle of struggle come Monday morning.

I digress.


I was having a great hair day, the barista made my iced coffee right, all my clients showed up at work AND I got all my client paperwork done. When I got off work at 2:30 I had grand plans to get a shit ton of schoolwork and laundry done, go for a run, and obviously celebrate being home alone all weekend with a T Swizzle solo kitchen dance party.

I got home at 3 and immediately crawled into bed and napped until 5pm. On the drive home I was overcome with a feeling of exhaustion and my bed was calling my name. So, basically I got nothing done. I’m only human, people.

I managed to drag my ass out of bed to get the horse chores done, feed my dog, and fix myself some supper before Ariel picked me up to see a production of Annie at our local theatre.


I think it’s safe to say New York has ruined all my future theatre experiences, as I can’t help but compare. However, for a little town production it was pretty entertaining. The little girl playing Annie had a hell of a voice, and I enjoyed the songs. It beat spending the night at home watching Netflix.

Saturday (after I got over my aforementioned crisis) was spent actually getting shit done. Multiple loads of laundry, vacuuming, washing dishes, running, Chemistry homework, dog walking was all completed before spending the rest of the afternoon getting coffee and baking reindeer cookies. I had a few of my friends over Saturday night, had some drinks, pizza & garlic fingers, and took 1 photo the entire evening. Bad blogger alert.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Sidenote: I heard that you people in the US & even the rest of Canada do not know the magic of garlic fingers. TELL ME IT’S NOT TRUE. Y’all are seriously living life wrong. Come to Nova Scotia and I will enlighten you.

I went to bed waaaay past my bedtime Saturday night, and woke up waaaay too early Sunday morning. Sunday is the one day a week I allow myself to forego all productivity whatsoever and do whatever I want. Call it a should-less day, if you will.

I made myself breakfast while watching old episodes of Will & Grace. Best way to spend a Sunday morning.


I saw a matinee of Horrible Bosses 2.

It was really good. Sequels are SO iffy, but I must say they did a pretty damn good job of living up to the first one. Jason Sudekis kills me.

Sunday evening was spent  putting up my Christmas tree and watching Frozen. Not a bad Sunday at all if you ask me. I’d show you a photo of my tree, but she’s a little crooked right now, and I have to find a way to fix her up first.

ps: I’ve now seen Frozen a grand total of 8 times. Did you hear there might be a sequel?! You best not be lying to me, Miss Menzel.

I hope all my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll admit, I was hella jealous of the Instagram photos of all the food. I’m always surprised by how big of a deal y’all make Thanksgiving. My family barely has Thanksgiving dinner, it’s a tragedy really. I tthink one of you guys should host me next year and show me how it’s done 😉


How was your weekend? Details, please!

Did you go Black Friday shopping?! I bought a new laptop on Friday. Why are Macbooks so expensive?! It was necessary but I think I died a little.

currently – novemeber 10th, 2014.


Hey guys! First off, thank you for your sweet comments on my last post. They mean the world to me! I’ve seen this questionnaire thing around blogland for awhile now, and I thought it would be a good way to catch y’all up on whats happening over here before I peace out for another week. Maybe someday I’ll get back to regular blogging. But for now..


MAKING : So. Many. Lists. I’ve got two days until I fly to NYC which means my entire life revolves around finishing the shit on all my lists.
COOKING : All the kale, eggs, and salsa. I refuse to buy groceries before I travel, thus meaning I’m getting done to the bare essentials here.
DRINKING : Vanilla Americano from my faaaave local cafe. There are 6 baristas that work there and they all know my coffee order. #predictable
READING : Yes, Please. Obviously. It’s damn good you guys. I’m actually planning on doing a post on the last few books I’ve read. Eventually.
WANTING : to sleep forever. Im so, so excited for NYC but I know I’m going to be hella sleep deprived. People say “you can sleep when you’re dead” but I’m a firm believer in sleeping as much as possible while I’m alive. #partyanimal
LOOKING : For a way to add three more hours to each day. Think of all the shit you could get done in those three hours!
PLAYING : 30 Rock on Netflix. Last year I got to season 5 and then lost US Netflix for awhile so I decided I might as well start from the beginning again cause WHY NOT?
WASTING : Time. I should be packing. Oops.
WISHING : I could sleep in tomorrow.
ENJOYING : being on vacation. I haven’t taken more than 4 days off since March, so yes, I think a vacation was due.
WAITING : FOR WEDNESDAY TO COME. Tired of hearing me talk about NYC yet? Sorry not sorry.
LIKING : 1989. Still on repeat.
WONDERING : if it will snow while we are in NYC. Praying to sweet baby Jesus it doesn’t. The thing that scares me most about flying is having my flight cancelled and being stranded.
LOVING : Yes, Please. Surprise parties. Morning walks. Evening rides on my pony.
HOPING : Ariel and I have seats together on the plane.
NEEDING : a physics tutor. For realz.
SMELLING : the pumpkin pie candle I have burning. I’m not over the pumpkin yet.
WEARING : beanies, ankle boots & my leather jacket. I’m so obsessed with my jacket. I also really love beanies.
FOLLOWING : Matt Bellassai on Twitter. He is HILARIOUS.
NOTICING : how so many of my fave bloggers have placed out. I MISS READING ABOUT YOUR LIVES, PEOPLE.
KNOWING : I have so much schoolwork to do. Halp.
THINKING : this has taken waaaay longer than I anticipated. I need to sleep. ( it’s 10:08pm)
FEELING : my back hurts from laying weirdly on my bed while typing this on my iPad. I hate writing blog posts on my iPad but I needed my computer to watch 30 Rock. #firstworldproblems
BOOKMARKING : I’m really into fashion bloggers all of a sudden. It’s weird.
OPENING : too many tabs. I got to a point where my iPad wouldn’t let me open any more. I have problems.
GIGGLING : Yes, Please. 30 Rock. All the cute animal vines that Ariel sends me on a daily basis. This is why she is my best friend.

And that’s it! I doubt I’ll be back here before I leave for NYC, and I definitely won’t be here while I’m in New York, so I’ll see you guys next week? I’ll be posting on Instagram and Twitter so feel free to follow me there my friends 🙂

in loving memory


I’ve tried to write this post multiple times over the past six days, each time unsuccessful. I considered not writing it at all, partly because I am just so sick of crying and partly because I was unsure if I wanted to publish something so personal and precious to me that may or may not matter at all to the people who read my blog. Obviously I ultimately decided that, like most everything I publish here, it will serve as something I can look back on and read in the future, and I know that my future self will be glad my present self published it.

If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’re already well aware that my family is one member smaller as of last Thursday. I mentioned back in September that my sweet dog, Rosie, had cancer. And sadly, on October 30th, we had to let my babygirl go.
(I’m already crying. I hate crying. )
Last Wednesday was a particularly busy day. One of those days where you are out of the house for over twelve hours, and come home utterly exhausted. I arrived home around 9:30 pm, and mom told me Rosie hadn’t eaten all day. It’s funny how I immediately knew that tomorrow would be the day, without it saying it out loud. I spent the rest of the night with Rosie, stroking her fur and crying silently, knowing this was the last time I would get to say goodnight to her. Thursday morning I kissed her as I left for work, as I always do. Leaving the house that morning was one of the hardest thing  I’ve ever had to do, because I knew Rosie wouldn’t be waiting for me when I came home.
Rosie was always waiting for me to come home. During my school years she would wait on the edge of the driveway for my brother and I to get off the bus, every single day.She would run up to greet us so enthusiastically it seemed as if we had been gone for a year, not just a few hours. During my college years, when I would would visit home on the weekend, she would refuse to leave my side the entire weekend. Since I’ve graduated and started working, she would greet me at my car door every single time I came home from work. When I rode the horses, she would lie in the corner of the riding ring until I was done.  She was my shadow for 12 years.

I’ve been very, very lucky in my lifetime in that I have experienced very little loss. Until last Thursday,  I had never experienced that “moment” everyone talks about, the moment you realize that they really are gone, and you aren’t going to ever see them again. When I pulled in my driveway Thursday evening and saw Rosie wasn’t waiting for me, I lost it. I had the whole ugly cry face thing going on, and it sucked. Unless you have animals yourself, unless you know what it’s like to love an animal and know you are loved in return by that animal, you have no clue what it feels like ( and most likely think I am completely insane to be so upset by the loss of a pet).

I’m very thankful I got to spend 12 happy years with Rosie. The past week has been really rough, but I’ll be okay. Life goes on, but I will never ever forget those blue eyes. I miss you, Rose!


a letter to my future self



Dear Future Jenna,

This letter is coming to you from Jenna of 10 years ago. 10 years is a really long time, and with so many variables, so many possible curveballs that life could throw you, so it was nearly impossible for me to write to you. I could tell you that I hope you’ve settled down with a nice husband, in a nice house, in a nice neighbourhood, with a nice kid or two. I could tell you that it’s my greatest wish for you to have a good paying job that allows you some financial freedom. However, in my opinion, all that really matters to me is that you’re happy.  I hope you’ve stuck true to yourself, and what you believe in. I hope you’ve become that strong, independent woman you’ve always aspired to be. I hope you love your job, and I hope it challenges and inspires you to be better, to be more. I hope you haven’t given up on your dreams, and I hope you’ve made the time to travel this world. I hope you’ve made the effort to maintain your friendships, because they are SO worth it. I hope you’ve been able to let go of fear and anxiety, and just lived your damn life to the fullest.

Sure, a nice husband, in a nice house, in a nice neighbourhood, with a nice kid or two would be exactly that: nice. But if that’s not what you decided you wanted, then I’m more than happy for you. Strive to live a happy and fulfilled life babe, cause’ that’s really all that matters.

Love you,

Your Younger Self

Helene in Between Blogtober



(super original post title, I know!)

Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to make it to Friday this week. But I did! My plans for this weekend include schoolwork (the worst), getting some blog stuff done (way better), and watching Hocus Pocus while painting pumpkins! (the best). I’m choosing to paint pumpkins instead of carve them this year because I’m kind of ADD and get bored/frustrated halfway through carving a pumpkin.
I’m also totally watching as many Gilmore Girls episodes as possible, as it finally arriving on Netflix was probably the best part of my week, to be honest. Possibly rewatching last night’s Scandal & catching up on How To Get Away with Murder is on my to do list aswell! Ps: Bellamy Young (Mellie Grant on Scandal, duh!!) totally tweeted me last night! Yes, I still get excited when stuff like that happens! I think at this point I should have an entire separate blog to talk about Scandal, am I right?!

Anyways, the prompt for Blogtober today is one thing you could not live without.
I thought about this a lot last night, and I my answer is: my animals. I have no idea how there are people who don’t like animals, to be honest. The love my nuggets give me everyday makes me smile, and I cannot imagine life without them! The worst part about the two years I spent in the city for college was being away from my ponies & dogs!! I had to bring my guinea pig to my apartment after just a week away because I couldn’t stand not having at least one animal in my apartment!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?

Are you on twitter? Leave your twitter handle in the comments, I’d love to follow ya!

Helene in Between Blogtober


the job of my dreams : blogtober14

Happy (almost) Friday!

The #Blogtober14 prompt for today is what was your dream job growing up and what is it now?

If you’re new around here (hi!!) , you may or may not know that I’m kind of into horses. And by kinda, I mean I was that weird, lanky kid whose entire childhood bedroom was filled with horses and horse related items, and who talked about horses non-stop. My entire childhood, and even right up until Grade 12, my dream job was running a horse farm. Teaching riding lessons, training yearlings into full fledged working horses, the whole thing. I had a headstart on the whole thing, as I had horses my entire life, my summers were filled with clinics, lessons, and horse shows, and I taught riding lessons from the age of 13.

photo (10)

The summer before Grade 12 I spent a few weeks at a huge horse barn/ training facility just outside of Halifax. I had taken lessons from the woman who ran the facility a couple summers previous, and she knew what I wanted to do, so she invited me up to see what typical days were like for her. While it was by far the best weeks of my summer, I came to realize just how much hard work it was, how costly it was, and how it wasn’t really what I could picture myself doing. I realized I wanted to keep horses solely as my hobby, not my full time employment. Thus, I went to college for massage therapy, and here I am now!

When I think of my “dream job” now, nothing really comes forward in my mind. I love being a massage therapist, and I’m hoping that when I eventually finish my Bachelors and get into physiotherapy school, that I will love that too. I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a “dream job”, but all I could think of was something to do with either TV or travelling. I would love to have the opportunity to travel around the world for my job! I also think it would be amazing to get paid to watch & write about TV. Seriously, how awesome would that be? But that’s a real far-fetched dream 😉

Speaking of TV, I am ridiculously excited to watch Grey’s & Scandal tonight, and catch up on all the blog posts I’ve missed this week! The only time I’ve had to sit down at my computer has been the fifteen or so minutes I have in the morning to type these posts up!

What is your dream job?


Are you excited for Scandal?!?! 


Helene in Between Blogtober

Liebster Award

Happy Tuesday!

A few weeks ago, the lovely Kendel nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. Since I’m a terrible blogger, it has taken me until now to get my answers up! We’ve all seen this award rotating around the blog world forever, but I love the thought provoking questions that come along with it so I was more than happy to accept my nomination for it!


1) What makes you get out of bed in the morning? Usually I have to get out of bed in the morning because I have to pee! Classy answer, I know!

2) If you could go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be? (Dead or alive, because let’s face it, I would pick Paul Walker in a heartbeat). For a coffee date – Amy Poehler. For an actual date? Chris Pratt.

3) How did you come up with your blog name? It took me forever and a day to decide on a blog name to be honest! I’ve had the nickname unicorn for a long time now, so that’s where I got it from!

4) Did you have an imaginary friend when you were growing up? What was his/her name? I wish I had a cool imaginary friend to tell you about, but I didn’t! I did spend a large chunk of my childhood pretending I was a horse though. I was a weird kid, to say the least!

5) If you could buy a plane ticket right now, where would you be travelling? Since I already have tickets to NYC, I’m gonna have to say I would be headed to Wisco to visit Carrie & Liv, with a layover in Toronto to pick up Jules along the way!

6) You finally made it to the under water city of Atlantis and were allowed to take one thing back with you. What did you take? I actually no nothing of the city of Atlantis, aside from the fact I have ridden the Atlantis ride at Seaworld about a million times! And I am terrified of the bottom of the ocean – terrified.

7) Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because I had been reading blogs for a few years, and finally decided to try it for myself. I had a few unsuccessful attempts before this blog!

8) If you were offered $1,000,000 but it meant that one person you know (not very well) died, would you take it? No. I could never do it.

9) If you had a superpower, what would it be and would you use it for good, evil or just to annoy people? If I had a superpower, I would want to have the ability to be invisible, and I would most definitely use it for good AND to annoy the shit out of people.

10) What is something that you want to change about the world? There are so many things that happen in the world that I don’t necessarily agree with, but I think the thing I would most like to see/wish I had the power to change is that we could see everyone as equals – no matter gender/race/religion/ethnicity/sexuality. There’s so much unecessary hate in the world!

11) If you could create a new breed of animal, what would it be? Hmmm… to be honest I would really love a damn unicorn.

Traditionally the rules are you nominate eleven other bloggers, but I’m not one to follow rules, so I nominate anyone who wants to answer my questions!

Questions :

1) What is your all time favorite movie?

2) If you could publish a book, what kind of book would it be? Fiction? Autobiography? Crafts?

3) Describe your idea of a perfect day from start to finish!

4) If you could give your 15 year old self one single piece of advice, what would it be?

5) Favorite time of day?

6) What actor would you choose to play you in a movie about your life?

7) Dream vacation destination?

8) What is one skill that you wish you had?

9) What is your favorite childhood memory?

10) If you could go back in time, what moment would you most like to relive?

11)What was the first CD you ever bought?

And that’s all I’ve got! if you decide to answer my questions, be sure to leave me a comment/tweet/ or email to let me know, I’d love to read your answers! 🙂