thinking out loud thursday #19


Christmas trees make me SO happy. Yes, she is crooked, LEAVE HER ALONE.


1.I totally started writing this post a week ago and then was too tired last Wednesday to finish & post it last week so this is  mish mash of last week’s news and this week’s news. 🙂

2. Idina Menzel annouced a world tour for next summer and I about died of happiness. Her site crashed immediately after she announced, so I sat anxiously, waiting to see if there was any Canadian tour dates and lo and behold there are. I immediately texted Ariel and she graciously told me that we can drive to Montreal to see Idina. I kind of have the most amazing best friend in the world, y’all should be jealous.

Update: We bought tickets!!! September 1st in Montreal, 6 rows back from the stage, baby.

For now, enjoy this version of Let It Go from the CMA Country Christmas concert from earlier this week. SO. freaking good. I loooove Jennifer Nettles a whole bunches.

4. Let’s talk about TV: uhmmm SCANDAL?!! Holy shit that winter finale was so good. I don’t know how I didn’t see that Olivia kidnapping thing coming, but I was like WTF. I was totally convinced Papa Pope was gonna come out of the closet and knife Jake when he went to get the blanket. The scene between Papa Pope & Liv was kind of heartbreaking. Liv’s mom is hella cray, and Mellie straight up TOLD Liz . Endless Love playing in the background when Charlie & Quinn were beating the shit out of each other/ doing it? I laughed SO hard. Grey’s Anatomy is all kinds of UGHHHH. Derek did the same weird thing a couple of seasons ago. Remember when he had that thing where he liked to drive really fast and recklessly? It feels like that Derek is back and it’s awful. I much prefer the happy MerDer. I’m really warming up to the Arizona storyline, I like Geena Davis’ character a lot. Clearly not enough to remember the character’s name. Oopsie. The Good Wife was spectacular as usual, Cary & Kalinda kinda stole the episode for me, the last few scenes broke my heart in two. I’m very curious to see how everything is going to play out.

5. Now, movies – who has seen Mockingjay?! I still haven’t seen it yet & it is killing me!! Also soooo pumped for Into The Woods on Christmas!  And Pitch Perfect 2. And Jurassic World – just so many good movies are coming out, I can’t stand it. And Cake, starring Jennifer Aniston. It’s different than what she usually does and it looks amazing!

6. Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, did you guys see the Curse Off she and Lisa Kudrow did on Jimmy Kimmel? Hilarious.

I would SLAY at a Curse Off. I really, really want to do one. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I think it would be freaking hilarious.

7. My Macbook came last night and I am already obsessed. Retina Display is SO PRETTY. Looking at my PC now is like looking through dirty glasses and it is awful. I must say I am excellent at giving myself Christmas presents.



8. So far driving to Montreal for the concert next year are the only travel plans that I have and it is totally freaking me out. Ever since I got back from NYC, as happens every time I get home from a trip, I have spent a lot of time thinking about where I want to go next. January and February are going to be all about saving up the $$ to travel. I cannot for the life of me decide where I want to go, all I know is that I NEED to meet more blogger friends next year. I’m kind of obsessed with you guys 😉

9. What are your  favourite Christmas movies ?! I need some recommendations, I feel like I watch the same ones over and over every single year, and while I love them, I need some new ones! Do share please!

10. I’m unsure as to if I am going to watch Peter Pan Live tonight, but Laura Benanti auditioning for all the parts in the play is freaking hilarious.

Thanks again to Amanda  for hosting Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Have a wonderful day lovely people!


6 thoughts on “thinking out loud thursday #19

  1. 1) I just can’t.. I can’t. Scandal holy hell… Derek needs to get shot fo realz this time. Mer is better off without him. Let’s get him dead and bring Cristina back.

    2) I love Montreal. Funny story, the last time I went there was in high school for our ‘grade 12 trip’ we did q-city, halifax, montreal (by train which I will never do again)… In Halifax I had “Canada’s best ice cream” in that place with the giant cow statue on the board walk.. then went to Montreal and had “Canada’s best ice cream”.. The sign lied. Halifax was better.

    3) My favourite Christmas movie is “The Christmas Shoes” Oh how I cry every time (Brad Paisley’s wife stars in it!), I also love “A Christmas Story” (le duh), I don’t really classify it as a Christmas movie but way too many people do “The Family Man”, and “Jack Frost” is also amazing.. But “The Christmas Shoes” and “A Christmas Story” is a MUST.

    • I miss Cristina soooo much!!
      hahaha Cow’s ice cream is the best! I’ve actually never had it in Hali though, only in PEI :p totally forgot there was even one in Hali!
      And uhm I must fail at life because I haven’t seen a single one of those Christmas movies! I suck.

  2. Oh my goodness! I cannot wait to see Derailed. It looks incredible & i’m a huge fan of Jennifer Ainston! Looks like she did a fantastic job in her role as well.

  3. COME TO PITTSBURGH NEXT YEAR!! Please and thank you 🙂 I just got an email that Idina is coming here at the beginning of August. We will be going…and when I say we, I mean me and whichever girlfriend I can talk into that since I highly doubt Joe would go with me. I completely agree with you about the scandal scene between liv/her dad breaking your heart (one of the few times I was fully engaged in that one) and being convinced something was going to happen to Jake when he walked back to the bedroom….I wasn’t surprised by the olivia pope kidnapping, though, for some reason. I think I started to see it coming when they found the pictures of liv with those people with no logical reason for having them…if that makes sense?

    • I want to go ALL THE PLACES next year!!! haha I knew I could count on you to be excited about Idina! And I NEVER see anything coming in TV shows. I’m a total dunce that way, but I guess it makes it more exciting?

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