being an adult is exhausting – a weekend recap

Happy Monday!

I kinda disappeared after posting my NYC recap last week, but it was my first full week at work post-vacation, thus meaning life kinda took over. It’s kind of funny how in just two weeks you can forget just how exhausting adult life is. Life is hard, y’all. As evidenced by my extreme crisis I had Saturday morning :


I survived, in case you were wondering.

Let’s rewind to Friday for a second. It started off great. Friday is the easiest day for me to get out of bed in the morning, probably because it takes me the entire five days to get used to waking up at 7am, only to be ruined every weekend by allowing myself to sleep in and thus perpetuating a continuous cycle of struggle come Monday morning.

I digress.


I was having a great hair day, the barista made my iced coffee right, all my clients showed up at work AND I got all my client paperwork done. When I got off work at 2:30 I had grand plans to get a shit ton of schoolwork and laundry done, go for a run, and obviously celebrate being home alone all weekend with a T Swizzle solo kitchen dance party.

I got home at 3 and immediately crawled into bed and napped until 5pm. On the drive home I was overcome with a feeling of exhaustion and my bed was calling my name. So, basically I got nothing done. I’m only human, people.

I managed to drag my ass out of bed to get the horse chores done, feed my dog, and fix myself some supper before Ariel picked me up to see a production of Annie at our local theatre.


I think it’s safe to say New York has ruined all my future theatre experiences, as I can’t help but compare. However, for a little town production it was pretty entertaining. The little girl playing Annie had a hell of a voice, and I enjoyed the songs. It beat spending the night at home watching Netflix.

Saturday (after I got over my aforementioned crisis) was spent actually getting shit done. Multiple loads of laundry, vacuuming, washing dishes, running, Chemistry homework, dog walking was all completed before spending the rest of the afternoon getting coffee and baking reindeer cookies. I had a few of my friends over Saturday night, had some drinks, pizza & garlic fingers, and took 1 photo the entire evening. Bad blogger alert.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Sidenote: I heard that you people in the US & even the rest of Canada do not know the magic of garlic fingers. TELL ME IT’S NOT TRUE. Y’all are seriously living life wrong. Come to Nova Scotia and I will enlighten you.

I went to bed waaaay past my bedtime Saturday night, and woke up waaaay too early Sunday morning. Sunday is the one day a week I allow myself to forego all productivity whatsoever and do whatever I want. Call it a should-less day, if you will.

I made myself breakfast while watching old episodes of Will & Grace. Best way to spend a Sunday morning.


I saw a matinee of Horrible Bosses 2.

It was really good. Sequels are SO iffy, but I must say they did a pretty damn good job of living up to the first one. Jason Sudekis kills me.

Sunday evening was spent  putting up my Christmas tree and watching Frozen. Not a bad Sunday at all if you ask me. I’d show you a photo of my tree, but she’s a little crooked right now, and I have to find a way to fix her up first.

ps: I’ve now seen Frozen a grand total of 8 times. Did you hear there might be a sequel?! You best not be lying to me, Miss Menzel.

I hope all my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll admit, I was hella jealous of the Instagram photos of all the food. I’m always surprised by how big of a deal y’all make Thanksgiving. My family barely has Thanksgiving dinner, it’s a tragedy really. I tthink one of you guys should host me next year and show me how it’s done 😉


How was your weekend? Details, please!

Did you go Black Friday shopping?! I bought a new laptop on Friday. Why are Macbooks so expensive?! It was necessary but I think I died a little.

9 thoughts on “being an adult is exhausting – a weekend recap

  1. You are so pretty girly!!!!
    Jamie bought a TV on Friday from Future Shop, he’s been talking about getting one for a year now (he had a hard time justifying it since there was nothing wrong with the old one), so thank God he took the plunge because I was getting tired of hearing about it.. And I mean, it makes my Netflix binge a little bit better.

    • Awhh thanks lady, you’re the sweetest!!
      That’s awesome! Our big TV broke randomly about a month ago and while I know I shouldn’t complain about a slightly smaller TV, I really miss watching McDreamy on a giant TV.

      • Not a McDreamy fan – he’s turned out to be a bit of an ass and should look into hair dye if he wants to stay McDreamy haha, I sure loved McSteamy though. Do you watch Chicago Fire? Severide (or IRL Lady GaGa’s boyfriend) I think looks pretty similar to him.

      • bahahaha I love your honesty. I agree in that he needs to dye his hair! But so does Mr. Big on this season of The Good Wife (whenever you catch up) – his hair is HORRID this year. Blech.
        I don’t watch Chicago Fire, my grandmother told me I should though hahaha! She’s super into all the cool TV shows.

  2. Hahahahaha I’m still cracking up from that text message shot since that’s how I felt for most of last week and yet I had a ton of stuff going on every day until Friday! I was dragging for most of it and entirely too whiny about having to be an adult…but I still think of myself as a young adult (even if that’s not entirely true anymore), so that makes it better in my mind 😉 Our Thanksgiving weekend was filled with food…Joe cooked most of the meal with my mum making a few of the sides, while I handled dessert, and we stuffed ourselves silly….and then on Saturday at work, one of our besties brought in a homemade chocolate cake of amazingness with homemade amaretto whipped cream….I probably should stop eating as much sugar as I have been, but I have no plans to do so 😛

    • bahaha I’m glad you enjoyed (& can empathize with) my drama queen moment! I so miss being a responsibility free kid sometimes! I’m glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, so freaking jealous of all that delicious sounding food!!

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