sometimes you just gotta live


Oh hi there!

I could make up some kind of excuse as to why I fell off the face of the blogging earth. However, I’m going to follow some of my own advice and not apologize. Sometimes you gotta step back. Sometimes life steps in and demands to be lived, instead of merely being documented here on the internet, ya know? However, blogging is my one creative outlet, and I’ve missed it dearly over the last couple weeks. I also really miss my blogging friends. I feel very disconnected from all you beautiful people when I don’t blog, which may sound silly, but this is the Internet Age after all.

So here I am, with nothing in particular to say. It’s funny, most of my time spent at work is spent thinking of things I could turn into a blog post. I have hundreds of ideas in my head, and not a single spare minute to actually create them. First world problems much?!  I will say during the past couple weeks of absence I have spent an obnoxious amount of time thinking how much I despise my blog layout. At the same time, I don’t exactly want to pay three hundred bucks for a pretty new design, nor do I have the time to learn how to code it myself. Again, with the first world problems, I KNOW. I’ll get my shit together someday, maybe. I’ve been messing around with fonts a lot, creating a new header for myself.  Gotta start somewhere right?

Was there a point to this blog post? Not really. Other than to say HI, I’M BACK, YOU STILL LOVE ME RIGHT?!

Please, please, catch me up on all your lives please. Also, I am all ears for any blog design advice. I’ll be back tomorrow for Thinking Out Loud Thursday. As if this post wasn’t rambly enough for you!


PS: I’m on bloglovin’ ! I’ve actually been there for a long while, but I’m kinda dumb and forgot to actually link my blog there!

2 thoughts on “sometimes you just gotta live

  1. I could so help you learn code. I did it. I cried, I stomped my feet, but I did it! Haha. I sound like I really know what I am doing, but to be honest, I just fake it really well – THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.

    So glad you’re back girly!

    • hahaha you crack me up!! I wish I had the time to learn it, I do. But there’s no way I can fit learning foreign computer language into my schedule. I think I’m just gonna have to suck it up and pay for a design. But you did an amaaaazing job on yours, I think you know what you are doing!!

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