the job of my dreams : blogtober14

Happy (almost) Friday!

The #Blogtober14 prompt for today is what was your dream job growing up and what is it now?

If you’re new around here (hi!!) , you may or may not know that I’m kind of into horses. And by kinda, I mean I was that weird, lanky kid whose entire childhood bedroom was filled with horses and horse related items, and who talked about horses non-stop. My entire childhood, and even right up until Grade 12, my dream job was running a horse farm. Teaching riding lessons, training yearlings into full fledged working horses, the whole thing. I had a headstart on the whole thing, as I had horses my entire life, my summers were filled with clinics, lessons, and horse shows, and I taught riding lessons from the age of 13.

photo (10)

The summer before Grade 12 I spent a few weeks at a huge horse barn/ training facility just outside of Halifax. I had taken lessons from the woman who ran the facility a couple summers previous, and she knew what I wanted to do, so she invited me up to see what typical days were like for her. While it was by far the best weeks of my summer, I came to realize just how much hard work it was, how costly it was, and how it wasn’t really what I could picture myself doing. I realized I wanted to keep horses solely as my hobby, not my full time employment. Thus, I went to college for massage therapy, and here I am now!

When I think of my “dream job” now, nothing really comes forward in my mind. I love being a massage therapist, and I’m hoping that when I eventually finish my Bachelors and get into physiotherapy school, that I will love that too. I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a “dream job”, but all I could think of was something to do with either TV or travelling. I would love to have the opportunity to travel around the world for my job! I also think it would be amazing to get paid to watch & write about TV. Seriously, how awesome would that be? But that’s a real far-fetched dream 😉

Speaking of TV, I am ridiculously excited to watch Grey’s & Scandal tonight, and catch up on all the blog posts I’ve missed this week! The only time I’ve had to sit down at my computer has been the fifteen or so minutes I have in the morning to type these posts up!

What is your dream job?


Are you excited for Scandal?!?! 


Helene in Between Blogtober

9 thoughts on “the job of my dreams : blogtober14

  1. Horses are such beautiful creatures, but so intimidating the first time you’re around them. That’s so cool you were able to work in what you thought you wanted, then realized not for you. Traveling for a job would be amazing, for sure.

  2. We grew up with the same idea and being obsessed with horses! Every inch of my walls were covered in horse posters at that age. I still have tons of horse stuff, it doesn’t help that most of my family has the horse crazy gene ha ha 😀 I am glad that you enjoy your job!

    • haha truth: I still live in my childhood room, with the majority of my horse stuff in there! I can bear to throw it away, I know I’ll appreciate it once I move out and can come back and reminisce 🙂 thanks for commenting my dear!!

  3. That’s really nice of your neighbor to offer to have you shadow her for a week to see if the job was really for you. To think there are people that pay to stay at “dude ranches” for a week or two to experience a little bit of farm life.

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