#Blogtober14 : Day One

Happy October!

I came across #Blogtober14 earlier in September, and because I am either a) an idiot or b) want to post more regularly, I decided it would be a good idea to participate. Let’s be honest, it’s most likely option a). I’ve never really blogged on the weekends before, and my schedule seems to be more insane with each passing week, but I am going to give it my best shot. The prompts for each day can be found on either Helene or Taylor’s blogs, and if you are also participating, leave me a comment, I’d love to check out your posts!

The prompt for October 1st is If you won the lottery you’d…

I’m going to take it upon myself to assume that this hypothetical lottery is big, like 50million or something insane like that. Aside from the obvious things like paying off my own debt, my parents debt, my best friends debt, and making a donation to charity, if I won the lottery I would most definitely take a year and live the gypsy life. I’ve travelled more in 2014 than I have ever had the chance to previously, and I have come to realize just how much I both love it and need to do it.  I want to explore every piece of the world possible, I want to experience different cultures and history, I want to try all the food (typical). I would take some solo trips, and some trips with whoever wanted to tag along with me! Who’s in?


And yes, I would most definitely go back to the Grand Canyon!

What would you do if you won the lottery?!

Helene in Between

5 thoughts on “#Blogtober14 : Day One

  1. I should jump on this too haha since my blogging has been less than regular recently thanks to a busy schedule. I like stuff like this 🙂 I would do the same thing you’d do….pay off all our bills and then travel for as long as I could. I haven’t been able to do much traveling this year, which has made me sad and left me more determined than ever to do more next year, which I think will happen based on the plans already in the works 🙂

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