playing catch up


Do you ever go through those periods of time where it seems like everything is moving ten million times faster than you are? I’m definitely going through one of those periods right now. Combine that with the fact I can’t seem to make my eyelids stay open past 10pm this week, and you have an completely absent blogger over here. I’m just kind of living life right now, and as much as I want to be able to blog about all the interesting Ā ( read: completely boring ) things that happen in my day to day life, it just ain’t happening right now.

Let’s play catch up, shall we?


Last weekend I spontaneously found myself at the Maritime Women’s ball tournament. It was one of those times where plans were brought to me two days prior to leaving. Since i’m trying to be more go with the flow, I went with it and had an amazing weekend. I haven’t played women’s ball since high school, and dare I say I prefer it to playing co-ed? I was lucky enough to play with a great group of ladies, and we ended placing 4th out of 16 teams, meaning we qualified for Nationals in Newfoundland next year. Not bad, eh?

ps: I’m #4 šŸ™‚

pps: My actual number in most everything is 12, but this was such a last minute thing I had to settle for good ol’ number 4.

It was, however, my third weekend in a row travelling/ getting next to no sleep. That would probably explain why I’ve felt like a zombie all week. I’ve also got plans for every weekend for the remainder of September as well. I’m not used to being this busy on weekends, I think I’ve completely forgotten what it’s like to sleep in, and that’s ok šŸ™‚

photo 1 (41) photo 2 (39)

Trying to hold on to the last few days of summer with trips back to the cottage and trips for ice cream. Something tells me that tonight’s ice cream date will be the last of the season…Which makes me rather sad. I’ve already had multiple people tell me that we are supposed to get a ton of snow this winter, and I’m NOT ready. I don’t even want to think about cold weather right now.

Did you catch that I said “ice cream date”? Yeah, I went on a DATE since the last time I posted. First time in two years, guys. I’m a big girl now!

(Please shoot me. )

I still like my dogs better than I like boys. Sorry not sorry.

photo 3 (31)

Mother Nature has been killing it lately with the sunsets here. I’ve seen many a beautiful sunset while playing ball this summer, and damn if those cotton candy clouds don’t make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It’s the little things like pretty sunsets that I will miss most about summer.

photo 4 (23)

I got my Idina Menzel tickets in the mail last week! Holy happy dance. In exactly two months from today I will be on a plane headed for NYC šŸ™‚ Pinch me!

photo 5 (19)

Can’t beat this ocean view for a morning bike ride. Ariel and I are signed up for a 20km trail bike ride on September 27th, so we have been biking as much as our schedules will allow to try to prepare ourselves for the torture. Maybe after the bike ride is over with I’ll get back on my running game. Maybe?

Yesterday I realized that I only have one weekend left of being 21. I turn 22 on Monday. I finally fit the mold of a Taylor Swift song! But really, I’m still one of those people who get excited about their birthday. 21 was a great year for me, and I’m so looking forward to what 22 has in store for me!

Maybe next week I’ll manage to get more than one post up? Maybe.

Do you still enjoy celebrating your birthday?

What’s happening in your life?! Fill me in on what I’ve missed!

5 thoughts on “playing catch up

  1. My birthday is sacred to me. Literally. I’m going to celebrate my 21st birthday in a few days and they’re still just as sacred to me and I still throw a birthday party every single time.
    As for my life, I always find myself lost in thought. Most of the things I think about don’t matter or aren’t even real but I still panic over them.
    Hope you have a great day.

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