that one time i disappeared

Hey Guys!

It feels like forever since I’ve been here. Probably since it has been forever. I can’t believe its been since Canada Day that I have managed to post. 

A week ago today I finally wrote my last exam of the semester. I feel as though I mentioned how stressed out I was in every one of the very few posts that I have managed to write over the last three months, but I will say that it was by far the most stressful exam period I have ever been through. It’s hard for me to explain just how much of a toll it took on me, but let’s just say I finished writing my last final at 12pm and I was already doing this by 2pm :

photo 4 (12)

It’s crazy to me how different I feel now that I have finished. I had gotten so used to getting dangerously little sleep, little time with my friends, studying for 8 hours a day on top of 6-8 hours of  normal work four days a week. Burning the candle at both ends much? 

This past week has been my first real week of summer, and this past weekend especially has really helped me out of the deep, dark hole that school stuffed me down into. 

One particular moment this weekend really resonated with me. I went to the beach with one of my good friends. It was the first time this summer I had made it out to the beach during the day to go swimming. It was quite windy, so the waves were awesome. Even though the water was absolutely freezing, I had the most fun I have had in forever jumping and diving in the waves with my friend. I felt like I was 12 years old again splashing in the ocean, laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe, inhaling the smell of the salt water, and feeling the sun on my face – I felt alive. Until I got so numb from the cold water I couldn’t feel my toes.. but that’s besides the point. 

Even though the past few months have been far from enjoyable, it was all worth it. I reached the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s always darkest before the dawn, right? The bad stuff makes the good stuff that follows it that much better.

I’m really excited to get back to regular blogging again. I was going to post last week, but felt as though I really needed a complete mental break to recuperate. I’m still trying to catch up on blogs myself, I read almost next to none during the month of July and I feel so far behind!

I was going to do a July recap within this post, but I think I will save that for tomorrow. Thank you for not abandoning me! I’m going to strive to be a much better blogger from here on out, and I have quite a few post ideas swirling around in my head! 

What have I missed?! Tell me something exciting about your weekend!

4 thoughts on “that one time i disappeared

  1. I am so glad that you posted this! I am all for disappearing when life gets busy or you need a break, but you were one week away from a checking on you email 🙂 It sounds like you have been making the most of your newfound freedom! Nothing like freezing your bum off in the ocean to make you feel good and like a kid again 😉

  2. i know exactly how you feel about school kind of pushing you down so happy for you that you’re a free woman now! do something crazy and wild and live life!!! oh and lets FaceTime some time..please??!?!?

    • I’m headed to the city this weekend, hoping to get into some crazy wild adventures up there!! 🙂 and oh my god, YES, I’d love to facetime! You let me know when, and my face shall be there 🙂

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