happy canada day!

Happy Tuesday!!

More importantly, Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadian friends!!! I am ridiculously excited to celebrate my wonderful country’s birthday later this afternoon. Day drinking, paint filled water balloons, campfire, fireworks, BBQ are what’s on the schedule, and I could not be happier about it! This girl needs a break from studying.

It’s so funny to me that whenever I’m not writing a blog post, I can think of a million things I want to say in one. Then, when I go to write one I draw up a complete blank. So basically I’m just going to dump some phone photos on you and roll from there!

photo 3 (14)

Running – I ran the course of my upcoming 10k this past Saturday. It was brutal. I even got up at 7am (on an effin’ Saturday, I want a goddamn medal or something) to beat the heat. It didn’t help much! There was barely any wind whatsoever, and it was 20 degrees C by 8 am. The hills on the course are INSANE. I’m talking a straight up incline at one point, it’s cray. I’m definitely not expecting to PR in a couple weeks time. If I can survive the heat, i’ll consider it a success!

photo 1 (22) photo 2 (21)

Summer = baby cow season. The road I live on is basically continuous fields, and this time of year means they are filled with adorable calves, who much to my disappointment, do not want my love. Sad face.

photo 2 (22)

You don’t know humidity until you have experienced East Coast summer humidity. Basically it’s like walking through soup at times. My hair is a lion’s mane 99% of the time. At this point I don’t even bother trying to tame it.

photo 2 (23) photo 3 (12) photo 3 (15) photo 4 (10)
Despite the humidty, I cannot complain about the weather whatsoever.  I’ve been to the beach a couple time this year for sunset walks (as you can tell from the above photos), and I will never take for granted the fact I live 10 minutes from the ocean. I love summer. I cannot WAIT until I actually get to enjoy it. I finish my last exam on July 21st, and I am counting down the days! I’m not 100% sure what is in store for the rest of the summer. Possibly white water rafting? Camping? Booking flights &such for my NYC trip is happening. Hopefully a Toronto trip for fall. Lots of softball. Smores. ICE CREAM.

Is it July 21st yet?

I’m hoping to get back here for Thinking Out Loud Thursday this week! Hopefully i’ll have Canada Day photos by then.

Favorite Canada Day/Fourth of July activity?

One thought on “happy canada day!

  1. 1) you are beautiful
    2) I LOVE cows
    3) That Toronto Trip better involve me, Carrie, and Liv. #JUSTSAYIN
    4) Do you find We Canadians really don’t make a huge deal over Canada Day like the Americans with the Fourth? Or Maybe it’s just Ontarrible (My friend who moved to Alberta said they call us Ontarrible. Not sure if you kind East Coasters do as well)

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