Happy Wednesday!

Sarah  sometimes does these confession posts, and this is the most coherent form of a post I could put together, so here you go!

I confess that…

… I took absolutely zero photos over the weekend. None. I’m a terrible blogger. But then again, when you spend almost the entire weekend studying, there isn’t that much to take photos of? Except maybe the kick ass cookies I made.

… The photo above has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Jessie’s just at that point where she is kind of shed her winter hair but still is pretty scruffy. Adorbs.

… I actually wrote this post on Monday night and haven’t had the time to edit/post it until now.

… By Friday evening last week I was so behind on sleep that my face started to get twitchy. I’d never had that happen to me before, so at first I thought it was the excess caffeine, but I’m pretty sure it was how tired I was.

… Sara Bareille’s album The Blessed Unrest is my favorite studying music, but I’ve listened to the album so many times over the past little while that I’m not sure if I can ever listen to it again after this. Which is unfortunate because it is AMAZING.

… I currently have the travel bug SO BAD. I REALLY want to do a blog friend meet up. Like, ASAP. I also think it would be really fun to do my first half marathon with blogger friends. Does anyone have access to a money tree and would like to sponsor me to fly me to all these places? Thanks.

… I need a personal stylist. I need some new summer clothes for work, and I have no desire to go shopping. So yes, please someone volunteer to pick out my clothes and dress me every morning. Thanks!

… it seems like all of a sudden all my close friends are dating people and I’m sitting here wondering how the eff anyone does that terrifying thing they call dating. I love my dog, and I’m content with that, thank you very much. #foreveralone

… The thing I am most excited about after exams is my celebratory post-exam nap I’ve already planned on having. Oh, and beer.

…I miss living in a city. Plain and simple.

… my brain is officially fried and I cannot think of anything else to say…

What would you like to confess?

12 thoughts on “confessions

  1. confession: i want to take a vacation now – but i know i would much rather take a long vacation in January – such a tough decision to make!

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