thinking out loud thursday #10

Ahh, here we are once again, 11pm on a Wednesday night; the absolute perfect time for me to ramble on about random things. Thank baby Jesus for Thinking Out Loud Thursday is all I can say.



Holy. Crap. I went to see the late show of TFIOS on Tuesday evening. Perhaps a 9:35pm showing wasn’t the best idea after what was the longest day in the world, but I’m SO glad I saw it. I was beyond pleased with the movie. I can’t even imagine a better adaptation of the book! The casting was perfect, every performance was heart wrenching and believable. I don’t particularly like Shailene Woodley, as we differ in opinion on many things ( and she eats clay?!) but she is a damn good actress. So yes, if you haven’t seen this yet, go see it!



And this just made me laugh, I can’t help it!

2. My DVR is so full of Tonight Show & Late Night episodes that it’s ridiculous. However, I did happen to watch this while working out the other day and it cracked me up so much I had to stop because I couldn’t breathe.

And can we take a moment to appreciate how cute his People magazine cover is?!! Adorbs.
3. On Wednesday I went for my longest run since my race. I made it a full 8k without dying! As I have previously mentioned, I’ve felt SO off lately when I’m running, so I was SO happy yesterday. I have a feeling that all my school related stress has something to do with my feeling mentally off during my runs, but yesterday I felt great. My next 10k is July 19th. Technically I haven’t registered yet, but I’m now 98% I’m going to. I put off registration for a long time because my running had been so shitty.

4. Evening walks with my puppy are keeping me sane. How do people live without dogs, honestly? I cannot even fathom it.

5. This is kind of old news now, but Amy Poehler’s book is now available for pre order!! I am SO excited, obviously.

6. I haven’t read a book for pleasure since Gone Girl in March ( ps Carrie: I’m gonna send it back to you, I SWEAR) I started one other one, but haven’t had the time/energy/desire to. I’m started to get real excited for reading for pleasure once school is done. I feel so left out in blogland, it seems like people are able to finishing 2-3 books a week. WHAT ARE YOUR SECRETS?! Where the eff do you find time to do that?!

This was a super short TOL, but when all you do is schoolwork & work, there isn’t many interesting life stories to share.

Have a happy Thursday!

Book recommendations? I’ll start making a list for once I finish school!


9 thoughts on “thinking out loud thursday #10

  1. Because my boy ditched me for six months so all I do is read, run, and eat πŸ˜‰ I should change the title of my blog haha. Books to read….if you like fantasy: graceling, fire, bitterblue (same series) and then throne of glass and its sequel. If you like chick lit, check out liane moriarty. And if you like suspense, read reconstructing amelia and before we met. I’ll have more recommendations next week πŸ˜‰ Hang in there with the running, love. Rough periods happen to everyone and stress takes a much greater toll on it than we give it credit for!

  2. TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF HERE! Really girl you know how to rock my Thursday. First off, heard that movie was phenomenal. Also Billy on the Street – funny but I have to work with a campaign about his show so not sure how I feel haha. Then Jimmy Fallon is probably my favorite right now. I laugh so hard at his show! I just wish I could extend the day and watch more of it more often πŸ™‚ Happy Thursday!

    • The movie was amazing! Definitely a must see, but be prepared for heartbreak. Billy cracks me UP but I’m not sure how I would react if he actually started screeching at me on the street haha! And Jimmy is always my favorite, he can do no wrong πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend girl!!

  3. lololol that tight pants skit. i am dying! and i have fallen off the book reading bandwagon too with all the work i’ve been doing! i need to get my but to the library and hop back on!!

  4. I read non stop. Whether I have the time or not. Normally I read at work when I’m not supposed to. Just finished one yesterday (it was slow). Seriously I’m the book recommendation queen. I think I could probably have my own library. One day I will have a library in my house
    THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. I have a blog post coming up about book to movie adaptations and this is first on the list. SO SO SO GOOD. AUGUSTUS WATERSβ™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘
    ok I’m done now. Xoxo!

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