letting it all go

Truth: Last week was really difficult.

The kind of difficult that leaves you completely and utterly exhausted come bedtime, yet leaves you sleepless because you just cannot turn your mind off.

I had never been so happy that it was Friday. I feel like I say that to myself every single Friday, but last Friday I truly meant it.

It turns out pulling 16 hour study/work days on 6 -7 hours of sleep a night are only possible for so long. Some people can run efficiently on 4-5 hours sleep, but I am most certainly NOT one of those people.

Coming up to this weekend I had no plans other than to plow through some more schoolwork. More essays, more lab reports, more studying. There’s always more. Until the moment on Friday night when I realized I hadn’t seen a single one of my friends all week. I hadn’t done anything fun since ball on Tuesday. It was right then and there that I decided I needed to, for lack of better words, chill the fuck out.

I have a tendency to get extremely stressed out near the end of school semesters. Like, ridiculously stressed out. I get so wrapped up in everything  that is happening that I completely lose it. I’m really great at dealing with stress, and you can see 😉

So this weekend I let it all go. I escaped to the woods with my friends. No cell phone service. No schoolwork. Just good friends, nature, and live music.



On Sunday, the hottest and most beautiful day we have had in awhile, I got a lot of work done. But, I also let myself go biking with Ariel. And had dinner with my family. And ended the beautiful evening with a kayak on the lake.
I don’t remember the last time I felt that relaxed and at peace. The past two days made a world of difference. It’s Sunday evening as I am typing this, and I feel oddly relaxed and ready to kick the upcoming week in the ass.

And as always, I am forever thankful I don’t work on Mondays. So, so thankful.


Are you good in stressful situations? What is your favorite way to relax?

Did anyone go see The Fault In Our Stars this weekend? How was it?! 


6 thoughts on “letting it all go

  1. your pictures!!! so gorgeous! i feel the same way when i’m burned out i just want to go to a beach or on a hike in the woods and just clear my mind. for me it’s like i need to go somewhere that makes me and my problems feel small. the ocean or the top of a mountain alwayssssss does that. hang in there my love.

  2. Love the pictures! I feel relaxed just looking at them!! Stressful situations, I am kind of weird. I internalize it and just keep puttering. If I am incredibly stressed no one is able to tell, I am often asked how I can stay so “Stress free”. Suppressing. Totally unhealthy but only way I can. Favourite way to relax is either binge watching Netflix, or reading – both may or may not include the use of alcohol.

    • I am SO bad at internalizing in a lot of different situations, mostly when I am angry though. I’m really good at holding in my anger. Equally as unhealthy :p
      I cannot WAIT to watch some freaking TV. And alcohol, YES!

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