thinking out loud thursday #9

Happy Thursday!!

I’d like to start off my thanking everyone for their sweet comments/tweets on my previous post! Y’all really are the best 🙂
It feels like it has been forever since I’ve posted! It’s currently 11pm as I type this, and I have been up and going since 6:30am (on four hours sleep) so I am a bit delirious . Perfect opportunity for Thinking Out Loud Thursday, am I right? Thanks to Amanda for hosting!!


1. I am currently in the last month and a half or so of this school semester. Isn’t it funny how it seems like everything happens all of a sudden? Suddenly I have ten million projects, lab reports, essays, and exams to study for. Add the recent streak of beautiful weather we have had on top of it, and you get a very miserable girl stuck inside on beautiful days doing schoolwork.  Things that keep me sane: 9pm sunset walks (above photo).


2. Something else that keeps me sane? SOFTBALL! We’ve had practices/ practice games for the past three weeks or so, but this week marked our first official game of the season! It helps that we totally kicked the other team’s ass. This is my first year playing second base, and so far so good. Plus, softball season = summer , in my eyes. Blue skies like the one above = perfect ball playing weather. 20140601-215821-79101866.jpg

3. This little guy lives at the top of my road. Isn’t he cute? No real purpose to his photo, he just wanted to say hi.

4. Truth: I haven’t had a good run since my race almost three weeks ago. It is SO frustrating! I even had to take a week off from running due to a strange shin pain… Which is most likely my fault, considering I didn’t take a rest day until more than a week after my race. Terrible decision. I’m one of those people whose bodies benefits from 1-2 days of rest a week, so considering I ignored that, my body decided to let me know what was up. I’ve had two better-ish runs since then, so things are looking up?

5. I want to run a half marathon. I just need to find one!




6. Let’s talk about my fashion choices. I was having a spectacular sock bun day the other day, so I deemed it instagram worthy. No shame. And that horse sweater? Yeah, my parents found it in the KIDS section of Old Navy and bought it for me. I think it cost them $1.49.  I totally love it.

(but no, I would not wear it in public, in case you were wondering.)20140601-222009-80409817.jpg

7. What a babe. The pink ears are back! Trying to fit a couple rides in a week, for my sanity’s sake. I think that the amount of love I have for my ponies is similar to what most parents have for their children. Is that bad? 20140601-222006-80406929.jpg


7. Monday night marked my first beach walk of the year! Living ten minutes from a beach is glorious. There is nothing better than the sound of the ocean, you can’t tell me otherwise!

PS: My little town FINALLY (after 5+ years) got our ferry back. It travels between Portland, Maine and my town DAILY until November, so if y’all wanna visit me… I’ll let you ride my ponies! 🙂



8. I bought the overalls. And (even though you can’t tell in the photo) my first crop top. I was SO anti crop top last year, but I’ve been converted. My twelve year old self is really digging my outfit choices as of late.

9. I am SO SORRY I haven’t been commenting or reading any blogs lately. When I say I have had no time,  I truly mean it. I’m going to try to be better, but until the end of the semester.. no promises.

Will you still love me?


What is your favorite childhood outfit/article of clothing? Can we take a minute to remember the glory that was jelly sandals?!

Favorite summer activity?

PS: PLEASE keep everyone in Moncton, NB in your thoughts today. Last evening there were 5 RCMP officers shot, and the gunmen is still on the loose. So, so scary that something like this is happening mere hours from me!

PPS: Jules (whose birthday also happens to be today!!) wrote an amazing post about the #YESALLWOMEN hashtag, which everyone should check out!

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