Hey guys!

I’m alive. I kind of disappeared last week, I know. I just felt as though I needed a break from blogging. I find myself occasionally getting stuck in a mindset where I feel as though I have to post everyday, or that I have to think of something good to post about everyday. I felt as if lately I haven’t been able to produce anything I’m happy with, and that lead me to feeling super frustrated. Which I realize now is the silliest thing in the world. So I took last week off, and it was great. I spent a lot of time with my friends, doing things like in the photo above ( laughing, a lot). And now I’m back!

I saw this ” currently ” post on a blog I am currently obsessed with, Breanna Rose. I thought it’d be a good way to ease back into it this week. So, here is what I am currently….
MAKING this blog post!
COOKING chickpeas, onion, tomato, feta, Greek dressing. Tupperware lunch!
READING a book called Stiff, it’s about human cadavers. I’m not a freak, I swear. It’s SUPER fascinating and is a NY Times best seller so I’m not the only one who finds that shit interesting!
WANTING the rain to stop and the sun to come out.
LOOKING taking a break from looking at my physics textbook.
PLAYING the Blogged 50 Indie playlist on Songza!
WASTING time checking social media. a really, really bad habit.
SEWING hahahahaha. do I seem like the kind of person that sews?
WISHING i had unlimited amounts of Tim’s iced coffee.
ENJOYING a rest day. Why have I not taken Mondays off from exercise before?
WAITING to pick Ariel up from her wisdom teeth surgery.
LIKING that all my friends are home.
WONDERING if my client’s will show up at work today. Worst part of my job is relying on other people so much.
LOVING last night’s episode of The Good Wife.
HOPING it’s nice enough to go running outside tomorrow.
MARVELING Scandal season finale, which I watched again last night. Also, Parks & Rec season finale. Holy. Shit.
NEEDING a nap ( or more coffee )
SMELLING breakfast.
WEARING jeans & a shirt. Also known as my work clothes.
FOLLOWING my to do list. I find it helps when I actually write one down instead of relying on my mental one.
NOTICING it is freezing in my house.
KNOWING I really, really hate physics.
THINKING about tomorrow’s post.
BOOKMARKING blogs on blogs on blogs. Making up for last week?
OPENING the fridge.
GIGGLING at Scandal bloopers.
FEELING Anxious, because I have to find a First Aid/ CPR course SOON.

What are you currently ? Answer a couple for me! 🙂


2 thoughts on “currently…

  1. Oh girl I spent five hours yesterday renewing my cpr and first aid cards….not the most fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon but good for two years now which is a relief. I always get nervous for the practical part, too, which is silly since we just spent 2 hours going over it and my instructor is really easy going but I’m still nervous. Go figure 😛

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