grumpy cat, running, and ice cream sandwiches!

Happy Monday!

Actually, I feel like this right now :

I don’t like cats, but I must say that I adore Grumpy Cat. She never fails to make me smile. Also, last week I was browsing Instagrams and found that she visited the Vogue offices…guys, I just…


Anyway, let’s get a couple more things out of the way. Things that are NOT marvellous :
– taxes. Being a grown up SUCKS. Let’s leave it at that.
– being awake from 2:30 am to 5:30am on Friday night for NO GOOD REASON. Eff you, sleep cycle.
– rain in the forecast for the ENTIRE week. April showers is bringing it.
– the morning after running 10km…

( kidding, cause I do love running. But I thought this was appropriate cause everything hurts right now πŸ˜‰ )

And now, let’s talk about some marvelous things, shall we?

Marvelous is…. Sunny study walking breaks. Saturday morning & early afternoon was spent crying over physics. At this point, i feel like..

So yeah, I called it quits after a couple hours. It was SO gorgeous outside on Saturday afternoon, I just had to take my puppies for a walk. I got to just wear my spring jacket outside for the first time this year, which I honestly never thought was going to happen.

Marvelous is… FOOD. I knew I was going to be doing a long run on Sunday, so I decided homemade pizza & ice cream sandwiches were appropriate carboloading foods. Major food baby alert. What made it even better was sitting in the sun on my deck, beer in hand, chatting with Ariel. Do you sense a theme to my weekends? All Ariel and I do is get together at my house, make food, and watch movies. Rough life, eh? Saturday evening was so gorgeous we decided to play catch for a little bit, which made me really happy. I cannot wait for softball season to start. So. Pumped.


Marvellous is.. running 10kilometres for the first time and not dying. It was windy, and hilly, but I didn’t hit the wall, I didn’t take any walking breaks, and since I ran a little OVER 10k, I met my goal race time of 55minutes. I’ve still got almost a month until the race so I’m hoping to work on speeding it up a bit!

Marvelous is…spending the rest of Sunday on my butt on the couch. Ariel and I watched Disney movies ( which are THE BEST, don’t even try to deny it), and got some work done. I probably should’ve done a little more actual schoolwork, but we all need a break sometimes right?

And since it’s Monday, my break is officially over and I need to get my ass in gear.

How was your weekend? Tell me about it!
Runners : do you run carrying a water bottle? At what distance do you start?
I don’t run with one, but I definitely could’ve used one on Sunday. I’ve tried running with one in my hand before though, and hated it.


10 thoughts on “grumpy cat, running, and ice cream sandwiches!

  1. Disney movies are always the best, and I adore the sound of your weekend! Good food, movies, running, and hanging out? Yes please! I always carry a little water bottle with me, even on 4-6 miles runs, especially as it gets warmer. I had one too many runs last year where I got really dehydrated by the end, so I learned to carry it regardless of the temps, just in case!

    • I love Disney movies! I hadn’t made the time to watch some in a really long time so Sunday was nice πŸ™‚ I feel like I should be carrying a bottle, and I even have a little hand held one, I just have to get in the habit of carrying it!

  2. GRUMPY CAT IS A LADY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT IS THIS DAY?! First I find out that Strawberries aren’t even a berry AND NOW THIS?! I just feel like my whole life has been a lie now. She looks like a grumpy old man! Can’t even deal right now. I need to go fill my drink. Just wow.

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