day in the life : round two


8am – waking up to sunshine is nice. and yes, i still sleep with stuffed animals.

9am – coffee.

10am – physics.

11am – weights with a side of Jimmy Fallon.

12pm – lunch.

1pm – walk the puppies.

3pm – smooooooothie.

4pm – first ride of 2014!! thank you, sunshine.

6pm – waiting for ariel to meet up for a run.

9pm – catching up on glee in bed.

I saw this idea for “photo an hour” on a blog somewhere and I cannot remember where! I thought it was a cool idea. The hours I missed taking photos were spent studying, so you didn’t miss anything. 😉 This was a pretty typical Monday for me… I highly recommend working at a place that is closed on Mondays!!

what’s your favorite time of day? I am definitely a morning person..after I get out of bed, that is.

3 thoughts on “day in the life : round two

  1. I think I’m gOing to do a photo an hour today! Ugh I’m super drunk right now hahaha. 4:16 a.m. is the perfect time to catch up on blogs right?! Buhh. I should sleep. I JUST LOVE YOUR PUPPY PICTURES!

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