Thinking Out Loud Thursday #5

Happy Thursday!

Do you ever have those days where it feels as though you are moving in slow motion and the world around you is moving in hyper speed? Yeah, that was my Wednesday. My brain is so scrambled that I almost bailed on writing a post. But, Thinking Out Loud Thursday is my favorite day of the week to blog so I didn’t want to abandon her!

Last week I shared that random & completely useless fact about my vegetable preferences. And then Amanda, being the sweet person that she is, said in her comment how random facts are a great way to get to know people better, and she is right! So, I thought it would be fun to just share some completely random facts about myself. This could be fun, or totally dumb, but let’s just roll with it either way shall we ?

1. I have to sleep with an eye mask and earplugs every night. Might as well start this off with a really weird quirk, right? I’m not even a light sleeper, and I can usually fall asleep pretty fast but for some reason I have slept like this since i was about 13, and now cannot sleep without either. I’m a beautiful sight to wake up to in the morning.

2. I have never had whiskey, gin, champagne, or tequila before.
Jell-O shots though? Yes. 19th birthday, with my college roomies.

3. The day I got my first pony, my cousins had taken me to the beach so I wouldn’t be home when they brought her in the horse trailer. When I got home from the beach my mom asked me to go get her a brush out of the barn and bring it to her. I thought it was weird, but I did as I was told, walked right by my brand new pony in the barn on the way to get the brush and didn’t even notice she was there. My mom had to tell me to go back in the barn to get something else before I actually noticed the pony. Sometimes I’m not the brightest person in the world….

4. I played piano for seven years, and clarinet for three. Sometimes I really wish I hadn’t quit piano, but every now and then I’ll sit down and play a few songs. I’m a little rusty, but I play a mean Clair de Lune. I sound like such a band geek.

5. I don’t yell, ever. Unless it’s in excitement. I don’t argue with people, I’m more of a silent anger type of person. I hate conflict in general, and will do anything possible to avoid it. Lover, not a fighter. And I really like hugs.

6. Art class was my least favorite class in school. I used to get terrible anxiety about it, especially in elementary school. I used to mess up atleast one thing on every single project I ever did, and it made me feel awful. Artist, I am not.

7. Running, badminton, and softball are the only two sports I am (kind of) good at. I always liked being active but I was always pretty terrible at sports. Soccer was my least favorite of all the sports. I did play hockey one year, and that was super fun, but I wasn’t very good. I can skate pretty well ( Little known fact : Canadians are born with skates attached to their feet), but I wasn’t hockey player level good. It’s all good though, running and summer softball are all I need. The below photo cracks me up because we look like babies! Grade 12 Softball Provincials!

8. My first kiss was at age 16. With a German exchange student. It was NOT good.

9. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I could eat breakfast food for every single meal. Also, cereal. All the cereal, in a mug, please. I’m not sure why I will only eat cereal out of a mug, but it’s a thing.

10. I had the craziest imagination when I was little. I was constantly outside, imagining horse related scenarios and acting them out. I’m actually pretty sure I thought I was a horse until about age 12. I even used to run around on all fours, pretending I was a horse. I was a weird child, if you hadn’t already gathered that.

Alright, I think that’s enough random/weird crap about me for one post 😉
Please, don’t leave me hanging, tell me something random about yourself?


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday #5

  1. Girl! I can’t even tell you how much we have in common! 1) I sleep in an eye mask too. 2) Piano and clarinet were my instruments of choice as well. I quit both, but I really do wish I stuck with piano. I wonder if I can remember enough to play Clair du Lune — amazing song. 3) Canadians ARE born with skates on their feet — I’m pretty sure I could skate before I could walk 😆 4) Sometimes I eat breakfast all day. Why limit the best meal to the morning alone?. 5) I used to pretend I was a dog when I was little. I was constantly on all 4’s, and my mom would constantly yell at me for always having holes in the knees of all my pants.

    Happy Thursday! 😀

    • Hahaha this is amazing!! I remember I got in trouble because I ruined a pair of leather ( not only was I weird, I was FASHIONABLE. ) pants in grade 5 because I was running around on all four during recess. Thanks again for hosting the link up!! 🙂

  2. when i think back to my first kiss, i like thought it was so awesome and wonderful and now that i’m older i’m like umm not AT all was it wonderful. hahaha.

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