putting marvelous in my monday!

Happy Monday!!

I decided to link up with Katie to do a  Marvelous in my Monday post! I had a pretty uneventful but good weekend, so let’s get right into it!

Marvelous is… A movie date &catch up session with a good friend! I hadn’t seen her since before we went to Vegas, so we had a ton to catch up on! I picked her up about an hour and a half before the movie and we literally did not stop talking until the previews started! We saw Divergent ,  and I loved it! I know a lot of people haven’t liked it, but I think it helped that I haven’t read the books. I had absolutely no idea what the story even was going into it, aka I had zero expectations, so I think that helped. And, uh, Theo James? Yeah, I would.

Marvelous is… a good afternoon at work. Thanks to the mid-week blizzard last week, I ended up working for a few hours on Saturday. Lucky for me, my clients were in chatty moods, so the hours flew by. Also, one of my client’s has purple streaks in her hair and everytime I see her it makes me want to dye my hair purple. Weird? My friend isn’t a fan of the idea….

Marvelous is… A long Saturday evening walk. I had plans to go walking & get McFlurrys with Ariel  ( I’ve had a terrible craving for froyo since Vegas and this is the closest I could get right now). However, she got stuck at work so I was on my own. I took my puppy for a good hour and a half walk, just listening to music and thinking. It was just what I needed after a really weird week. Plus, I got to take in this gorgeous sunset! And then I spent the rest of my Saturday evening at my desk, working on psych notes. I live a wild life, let me tell ya.



Marvelous is…relaxing Sunday evenings. After doing homework all Saturday night and all day Sunday, I needed a break. It also rained all day Sunday so that means all I felt like doing was laying in bed and watching tv. Which is what happened after supper, and it was marvelous. I caught up on Greys ( LOVED it. I really don’t want Cristina to leave this season!), Glee (Yes, I still watch it. Yes, I hate myself a little bit for it.), a new episode of The Good Wife ( I cried. Three times. Cannot get over how good Julianna Marguiles is.), and a couple episodes of Tonight Show & Late Night. ( I DVR them every night but usually end up binge watching them on Saturday nights..except it didn’t happen this week so I have SO many episodes on my DVR it’s ridiculous.) Also, Olivia totally put my feelings about EVERY TV SHOW I HAVE EVER WATCHED into this post.

Marvelous is…Sleeping in on a Monday. Do I even need to explain? I don’t work at my job on Mondays, it is basically a “school day” for me. However, a major perk of doing distance/online education is you can get up and do homework whenever you damn well please. Plus, what is more cozy than sleeping in on a rainy morning?! Nothing. Nothing is more cozy.

Marvelous is... writing my recap about our day in L.A! I’m planning on posting it tomorrow for you guys, and I love going through the pictures and remembering what we did. Our day in L.A was tied with the Grand Canyon for my favorite moment/day/thing we did so I am excited to share everything with you guys!!

That’s all I have got! Short but sweet post! My weekend was kind of boring, but still good none the less.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Have you seen Divergent? Love or hate?

8 thoughts on “putting marvelous in my monday!

  1. It sounds like a really nice and relaxing weekend. Sometimes, those are just the best. I don’t know when my next low-key weekend will be, probably not until after graduation, but taking that time to catch up is so necessary. I’ve been craving a milkshake big time lately, so that needs to happen soon. Very soon.

    • I agree! I’m not sure how you are doing everything you are doing right now ! You’re superwoman or something haha! I just want ice cream all the time.. Craving never really goes away!

  2. No worries… i still watch Glee too 🙂 I don’t love it as much as I used to, but the last season has grown on me a lot more than previous ones. You know what I thought of Divergent, but I think you make a fair point of not reading the books first = no expectations = more enjoyment (agree with you on theo james, though….he’s a lovely man to watch). And I love walks like the one you described on Saturday night. That is my plan for the afternoon once little man wakes up!

    • I agree with you on Glee! I’m not as in love with it as I used to be.. And I’m glad next season is the last, it feels like its time! I’m going to borrow the Divergent books from a friend, I’ll let you know what I think 😉 sounds like a good afternoon! It’s still pouring rain here 😦

  3. What a lovely weekend. Rain days really should be made for doing nothing but relaxing in your pjs all day, catching up on tv shows and baking desserts. Now that you mentioned you had McFlurry, I could definitely go for one right about now LOL 🙂 Enjoy your day off.

  4. OMG Theo James. I mean… ❤ Anyway, I still watch Glee too! I have a hard time stopping watching any show I ever watched religiously, and I just loved Glee too much to stop watching now. Aaaand I've always wanted dark, dark red streaks in my hair.. purple would be pretty sweet too.

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