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Happy Tuesday!

A week or so ago, I stumbled across this interview Marie Claire did with SJP. I’m kind of obsessed with SJP right now, and I am basically torturing myself by following @sjpcollection on instagram, which is her new line of shoes ( & handbags ). That is besides the point, however. I didn’t really think too much about it but then I came across this post on one of my favorite blogs, and thought it would be fun to answer the questions for myself. So here are my answers to the twenty questions!


1. What brings you the greatest joy? my animals, my friends, making people laugh
2. What are your vices? Television, specifically comedies. And anything sweet.
3. What is on your nightstand? Journal, headphones, water, gum.
4. Do you have a secret talent? I played piano for six years, and can still bang out an excellent rendition of Claire de Lune.
5. What is your greatest indulgence? Good food & Tim’s iced coffee. Never thought i’d say Tim Hortons would be an indulgence but..I treat myself to them often.
6. What should every woman try at least once in her life? Doing something you never thought you would/could ever do. Life begins outside of your comfort zone is the truest cliche out there, in my humble opinion.
7. What makes you laugh? The better question would be what doesn’t make me laugh. I laugh at pretty much anything. I’d have to say that I laugh the hardest when I’m with my group of friends I’ve had since elementary school. Or Parks & Rec, which I think is the funniest show ever.
8. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? I have to sleep with an eyemask & earplugs every single night. It’s weird, I know. I look super attractive when I sleep.
9. What is on your bucket list? It’s extremely long. And this reminds me that I have to get around to writing it….
10. What is on your feet right now? Bare feet right now.
11. How did you make your first dollar? Teaching riding lessons to tiny humans. I was 13 when I started teaching!
12. What superstition do you believe in? Sometimes I wish on 11:11. I’m not sure I truly believe in it, but it’s just something I have always done.
13. What items in your closet do you wear the most? A particular pair of AE skinnies & a boy’s oversized hoodie.
14. What is the best gift you’ve ever received? a build a bear from my best friend. if you know me, you know i’m obsessed with build a bears.
15. What is on your liquor shelf? Baileys, Amaretto & pumpkin spiced Kaluha.
16. What is on your kitchen counter? Keurig, blender, can opener & cutting board.
17. What would you never leave home without? iphone & driver’s license.
18. What movie has the greatest ending? I’m a big fan of the end musical number in Grease. Not a huge fan of Olivia Newton John becoming a whore to get John Travolta, but hey! Girl can wear a lycra jumpsuit like no other.
19. Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party? Amy Poehler, The Obamas, Kerry Washington, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Meryl Streep.
20. What is one thing you wish you had known when you were younger? The only one who is expecting perfection from you is yourself.

Since I am super nosy & love learning things about you guys, I encourage you to answer some of these questions or steal the whole thing & use it as a post!! 🙂 I’d especially love to hear the answers to 6,11,19 & 20!!


11 thoughts on “twenty questions

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  2. Not going to lie, the Obamas and Amy Poehler will definitely be an event!!!! 6) Not bring down other women. Women need to empower women. I think women spend too much time bringing each other down and judging every aspect. I think a little less judging and a little more empowering. 11) I told my sister we needed money and we would split the profit – I pulled out a bunch of her teeth which we not loose. why she let me do that? not too sure. 19) Family. all that really matters to me. 20) your value doesn’t decreased based on someones inability to see your worth

  3. Hmm.. #6 I’d say doing something by herself – whether it’s as big as traveling somewhere alone or as small as going to a movie solo, it’s important to spend some time with yourself. #11 first dollar ever would be doing chores for allowance, but my first job was a counselor-in-training and I received a $50 savings bond for an entire summer of work hahah. #19 I’d have to think about that one, but I wouldn’t mind coming to your dinner party! And #20 life experience is more important than acing a test.

  4. Totally stole this!! We both wish on 11:11. It’s true love!
    I had a build a bear once. I then decided I wanted to play doctor and remove his heart all by myself. It looked like someone murdered him with scissors. It was a tragic end to Lucy. She never quite looked the same after my mom tried to sew her back together. I guess it’s a good thing I never pursued that whole doctor thing….

  5. your statement about grease. omg i have literally had that EXACT same thought. like homegirl, don’t go changing your style for danny! but i agree that number at the end is great, and now i’m going to have you’re the one the i want oouuu oouuu ouuuu, the one that i want, stuck in my head alllllllll day. i’m not mad…

  6. Ok when you have that dinner party, I want to come. Add some Justin Timberlake and Ellen Degeneres, and I think that’d be the best one ever 😀 I made my first dollar babysitting tiny humans (funny how I still do that often today), and I think all women should live alone at least once in their life. Gives them confidence in themselves and their abilities and teaches you how to be comfortable alone, which I think is huge.

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