sometimes you have to just live life

Do you ever get the feeling that you act way older than your actual age?

I’ve kind of always felt that way. When I was in high school, I wasn’t into the partying, I wasn’t boy crazy, I didn’t even have my first sip of alcohol until well into 11th grade. School was my #1 priority, alongside recovering from an eating disorder. I didn’t have the same mentality as some of my classmates. I always received comments from teachers and adults that I was mature and very adult for my age.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong to have a party filled, boy crazy good time in high school. To each their own, literally YOLO. But that just wasn’t me.

Even now, I’m only twenty one years old, yet I rarely feel that young. I have my own business, go to school, balance social life,work, exercise, alongside a million other things. I like routine, I like planning things ahead of time, I like being in control.
Basically I’m a fourty year old in a 21 year old body.
Most of the time, that’s okay. I’m pretty damn happy most of the time with my life. I’m alright with having grown up quicker than my peers. I don’t mind going to bed at 10pm. I LOVE SLEEP.

But..sometimes, even us grandmas crave a little bit of fun.

This weekend I road tripped with my best friend to a college town a few hours away from where I live to visit a couple of our friends who are still in university there. We left pretty late Friday night, drove through a little snowstorm, and were greeted with shots upon our arrival at 11pm.

I had initally planned on going to sleep once we got there. We had both had long days at work, and then drove for three hours in a snowstorm to get there.

And then, it hit me. I am TWENTY ONE. Why am I not taking advantage of that? I’m only young once, RIGHT?

Normally, I am the responsible one. I always think of the consequences of my actions. I take time to make informed decisions. I’m not overly spontaneous. I don’t spend money on things I don’t actually NEED.

I realize this makes me sound extremely boring, I promise I’m not. I’m just… lame ?overly responsible?

But this weekend? I let ALL of that go. I did those damn shots.

I stayed up till 2am playing a rowdy game of monopoly. ( I realize that’s two weekends in a row.. But it should be noted that we turned it into a drinking game this time)

I got two crappy nights of sleep on my friends couch. I laid on said couch with my friends until noon on Saturday and Sunday, just chatting and watch stand up comedy.

I ate maybe three whole servings of vegetables this entire weekend. I ate breakfast at 1 pm. I drank energy drinks, and iced coffee. I had fresh lobster at 2am for a bedtime snack.

I spent ten bucks on a couple of whiskey sours at the bar. We ran home from said bar in a snowstorm at 1am, yelling and laughing all the way home.

I took a million selfies, most of which turned out terribly, but who cares ?!



I spent a little too much money on a new purse. I bought myself a couple new shirts.

Exercise? Not unless you count walking around the mall for hours and that 1am post bar run home.


Risked my life, twice. We managed to get stuck driving in a snowstorm both Friday night and Sunday afternoon. This is a little less exciting than the previous shenanigans, but something about ice covered roads and the wind blowing your car everywhere makes you feel like a badass once you actually make it to your destination.


This weekend felt incredibly freeing. For the first time in awhile, I felt like I was acting my age. I came to terms with the fact that it is okay to LIVE LIFE every once in awhile, you know?

I’m definitely not saying I’d do this every weekend. I wouldn’t want to, it’s not me. However, sometimes it’s nice to get out of your own comfort zone and just have a little more fun.

It’s all about BALANCE, right? I’m still trying to figure that out. Turns out ‘real adult life’ doesn’t mean you instantly have all your shit together on perfectly balanced scale.


So here’s to a fun filled weekend, and what will hopefully be an awesome week. Happy Monday, my friends!

ps: I just realize there is only one photo in this post that isn’t a photo of my face. I apologize for that hahaha

6 thoughts on “sometimes you have to just live life

  1. I love weekends like this πŸ™‚ I’ve always been mature for my age, as well, and partying was never my thing. All of Joe’s friends forget how old I am (they’re in their 30s. I’m 25) and when I taught preschool, the parents of the kids in my class were astounded when I said I was 21-24. I love going to bed early and hanging out at home with a book on the couch and getting up early to run…but every once in awhile I like to act my age, get dressed up and go out with my girlfriends for a night on the town. It hurts a lot more the next day(s) haha, but I love having fun and getting out of my shell every now and then, and I’m glad you did too!

  2. I was totally like that too! Everyone always tells me “you’re really mature for your age”. I see it sometimes but other times I just laugh because I really don’t think I am lol. I didn’t start drinking until my senior year in high school. Just was never that interested in it while in high school I guess.
    On weekdays I’m usually in bed by 9. But I make up for that one the weekend because I don’t sleep much at all then.

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