the ultimate cookie fail & other weekend happenings

Hey guys!

Happy Tuesday! I meant to put together this post yesterday, but time got away from me. Remember how a couple weeks ago I was stressed about how much extra time I had? Yeah, I’m an idiot. I’d give anything to have a couple more hours in the day to get shit done! Anyway, let’s rewind to my weekend!

Friday seemed like the longest day of life. My parents are actually in Cuba right now, so I’m left taking care of the house, my plethora of animals, alongside schoolwork and my actual job. I had a really long day at work, and didn’t get home until 7pm. The electricity also stopped working in the barn the morning after my parents left so this meant I had to hold a flashlight in my mouth while doing the horse chores. FUN TIMES. Naturally, by 8 pm this was me :


Pyjamas, baileys, and my couch. My perfect Friday evening, thank you very much. I am now completely up to date on The Good Wife, and managed to watch about half an hour of the Olympic opening ceremonies before I fell asleep. Grandma status, obtained.

Saturday involved a lot of schoolwork, housecleaning, and a treadmill run. I think the best part about running is how it gets progressively easier each time. I still hate the treadmill with a fiery passion, but it’s nice to be able to run the same distance in a few minutes less than I was able to a couple weeks ago!

Saturday evening I had invited a few friends over to have a belated celebration for my best friends birthday. However, everyone except for ONE PERSON bailed on us, so we had a three person Monopoly fest. It was awesome.


And yes, I kicked everyone’s ass at Monopoly. Thanks for asking! After a couple drinks I decided it was a good idea to make cookies. This resulted in :

My bad. Apparently if you run out of flour you can’t just skip the rest of the flour and cook them anyway. Who knew? I made my brother go buy more flour, and I got my cookies!

I’ve also decided to no longer wear strapless shirts. Why? Because this happens every.single.time.

IM NOT NAKED. I promise.

The sun decided to shine on Sunday. And it was beautiful. Ariel and I decided to venture out around town and snap some photos. My brother was kind enough to lend me his fancy camera for the afternoon, so it was super fun messing around with it! Why buy yourself a $600 camera when your brother has one he never uses?!

I haven’t had the time to go through them yet, but I am excited to share them! I’d really like to make these photography adventures a regular thing. I really love going through all the photos to see what I got. It’s very time consuming however, as I’ve probably got about 250 photos from Sunday to go through haha

I’m ashamed to admit I have watched a single Olympic event yet. I really do love the Olypmics, but my schedule just hasn’t allowed me to sit and watch anything! However, one of my best friends is obsessed with them, so he has been giving me constant updates.


So that was my weekend in a nutshell! A little work, a lot of laughing, and SUNSHINE. Which is really all I ask for in a winter weekend! I’ve got a crazy busy week ahead of me, and a road trip this weekend. I’m also kind of behind on commenting/reading blogs, so I’m sorry if you get a notification of my comments on blog posts from last week. IM SO BEHIND.

Anyway, have a happy Tuesday, friends!

Let’s get random with the questions today!

What hobbies do you have? Photography? Knitting? TELL ME!

Worst cooking/baking fail?

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