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Happy Thursday everyone!

Quite a few of the blogs I read do Thinking Out Loud Thursdays, and considering I couldn’t coherently string my thoughts together this morning, I figured I might as well give you guys the randomness that is floating around in my head. So ,here we go!


1. I would really love if my treadmill was not stuck on the highest incline. I have the shittiest treadmill in the world, it’s so old that the incline is changed but adjusting the feet on the bottom of the treadmill, not by a button.  This would be fine, except if I change it from it’s current height, the whole thing makes weird sounds and shakes. With all the snow and ice these past weeks I cannot run outside so I’m stuck on the treadmill. I guess I’m getting some good hill training in but damn, I ride the struggle bus during every. Single. Run.

2. I watched The Wolf of Wall Street on Monday night, and I really wish I could get those three hours of my life back. It was about 2 hours too long, and the excessive scenes involving the characters doing drugs made me nauseous. Maybe I’m weird, but I can only watch Leo DiCaprio snort cocaine so many times in a row before I want to hurl. Don’t get me wrong, the acting was phenomenal, but I found the story boring. I also saw Ride Along Tuesday night, and I must say that I enjoyed that more than The Wolf of Wall Street. Never would I have thought I’d enjoy a movie starring Ice Cube more than one starring Leo DiCaprio.

3. It was Pearl’s 24th birthday on Monday! It’s funny to compare photos of her from when she was younger to now – she has SO much gray/white hair now, especially on her face.  I love that horse.


4. I cannot stop listening to three songs : XO by Beyonce, Pumpin’ Blood by NONONO and The Wire by HAIM.

5. I start classes again this weekend. I’m both excited and dreading it. This is a slow week at work aka I am going insane with this extra time, but I’m also going to be taking on a heavier class load than I previously had, so I know come next week I am going to busier than I really want to be. Anxiety central in my brain right now, people.

6. On Saturday night, I finally got around to making my own veggie burgers! I’ve been meaning to do it forever, but just never got around to it. Ariel and I made veggie black bean burgers on Saturday, from this recipe. They were awesome, and pretty easy to make. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

7. This e-card made me laugh really hard. photo 3

8. Seth Meyers is everywhere lately and I LOVE IT. I’m such a comedy nerd, it’s ridiculous. I really loved this essay/interview about his SNL departure. I’m super excited/sad to watch his last episode on Saturday. Plus, Melissa McCarthy is hosting, so it’s bound to be freaking hilarious.

9. I noticed that my camera had started to actually collect dust on my bedside table, so I decided to fix that. I went out yesterday afternoon to snap some photos. As much as I hate snow, it makes for some damn pretty pictures. I’m hoping to go through all of them this weekend and post em’ next week! Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

10. B.J Novak ( The Office writer/actor, Mindy Kaling’s bff) has a book coming out next week. He made a video to promote the release of said book and it is the BEST. Atleast,  I think it’s a genius idea. 

11. As much as I hate ending this list on an odd number, I had to include this one last thought. I’m not sure how to put this politely, but the time of year in which The Bachelor airs is my least favorite time of year. I may hate the Bachelor, but I love Jimmy Fallon.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got floating around in my head right now. Please, tell me something random?

11 thoughts on “thinking out loud

  1. Oh my gosh that Jimmy Fallon joke at the end is PERFECTION! Such a great point! I’m so excited for BJ Novak’s book and I am totally gonna read that essay/interview by Seth, thanks for the tip. He is a beautiful man. My mom is in love with him, haha. I think I’m the only person though who doesn’t care about Melissa McCarthy hosting SNL. She is so not that funny IMO.
    I am waiting for Wolf of Wall St to come out on video because I can’t sit in a movie theater for three hours, I just can’t. But I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it despite the debauchery. I love Leo and am excited to see him in a more comedic role.
    Your veggie burger looks amazing! Love the sandwich thin.

    • I too am completely in love with Seth Meyers! It’s a great interview 🙂 comedy is so subjective – I’ve got so many friends who don’t understand my love for SNL haha so I get it! If you love, you will enjoy the movie for sure, he truly is great in it, definitely not bashing his acting skills!

  2. your review of the wolf of wall street is WORD for WORD how i feel about it as well. i adore leo, but i was literally sitting in the theatre thinking, dear god this a bit ridic, like when is this shit finally over? and happy 24th to your lovely. i miss my horse so so much!!

  3. Omg that last one??? Still laughing! Amen Jimmy Fallon. I agree with you about the snow being awful but making for pretty pictures…makes everything look so fresh and clean, even if it makes me want to cry right now. Good luck with your first week of classes hun!

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