my weekend – pizza,cupcakes, and geocaching

Happy Monday!

I always find it funny how whenever I go to write a weekend recap it seems as though my life is incredibly boring. As in, i’m not sure why anyone would want to read about my weekend. However, reading weekend recaps on other blogs are some of my favorite posts. So, I only hope that it is because it’s my own weekend i’m recapping, that I find it boring and everyone else will not…I digress!

The snow came back this weekend, unfortunately. After nearly a week of warm, nearly spring-like weather, Mother Nature killed any hope I had that we would have a super early spring and dumped snow on us this weekend. The rest of the week is looking just as bleak, with the temps dipping back down into the minuses. A week of warm-ish weather has turned me into a total wimp ass, I’m not even going to lie.  I’m sooo ready for winter to be over. But, isn’t everyone?

I’ve mentioned it a few times before, but I am heading to Las Vegas with my best friend in March. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe it. However, Las Vegas = pools = bikinis in March = the time of year in which I have not yet dedicated myself to making sure I look good in a bikini. So, we’ve made a pact to motivate and hold each other accountable to eat better (me) and work out consistently ( her ).** Thus, Saturday night we had one last night of total guilt-free junk food. Pizza & the most delicious cupcakes in the world. It was exactly what I was craving, and i’m okay with eating all the vegetables now.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset** I’m all about loving your body as is. I also believe you should eat what you want, when you want. This is my decision to eat better so I feel more confident come March. It’s NOT a diet. It’s more like a decision to eat cereal for dinner less often :)**


Sunday brought snow. And then rain. So, naturally, I decided to go geocaching with Ariel at the local provincial park. I described geocaching here, if you don’t know what it is. One cache lead us 15minutes into the woods, where we were lucky there was snow that enabled us to track out footprints back out, because we had no damn clue where we were. Imma be honest and say that at one point I was pretty damn sure a serial killer was going to get us.  Overreacting? Maybe.

It was super pretty though, despite the fact I couldn’t feel my fingers 20 minutes into our 2 hour adventure. Totally worth it.

photo 1

photo 3photo 4 (1)* this is about 10 minutes into the woods – approximately three seconds later a stick stabbed her in the eye, and I thought we were goners.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetThe rest of Sunday was spent drinking several cappucinos, vegetable soup, and grilled cheese in an attempt to warm up. Also, about five billion episodes of The Good Wife. I’m so hooked, and I’ve watched so many episodes in the last three days that I’m pretty sure I could adequately defend a client in court. Watching The Good Wife makes me want to be a badass lawyer who wear skirts, blazers, and heels. In reality, I would totally hate everything about being a lawyer, but Julianna Marguiles makes it look ideal.

Lastly, I missed the SAG awards Saturday night because of the aforementioned pizza and cupcakes. Which I am totally fine with, because although I adore award shows, friends come first. I’d like to share a few of my favorite dresses though!

1. Mindy Kaling – so simple and elegant. I also love her clutch, which you can’t see properly in this photo, but she shared a photo of it on Instagram and it’s adorable!

2. Hannah Simone – This reminds me of the Grecian gowns that were super popular a couple years ago! I loved them then, and I love them now. So flowy and pretty.

3. Lupita Nyongo – THIS WOMAN. She’s so stunning. I LOVE everything about this, and it is definitely a color that not many people could pull off. Her makeup matches perfectly. I can’t wait to see what she wears to the Oscars.

4. Jennifer Lawrence – Thank you, JLaw for redeeming yourself from that GG dress. This is gorgeous. Sparkly, I like.


Apparently today, the 3rd Monday of January, is called Blue Monday aka the most miserable day of the year. I’d like to thank my local radio station for informing me of this, and I’m making extra effort to make today happy. I encourage you to do the same!

Best part about your weekend?

Favorite food for a night of junk food?

6 thoughts on “my weekend – pizza,cupcakes, and geocaching

  1. Pizza and cupcakes would be my ideal “last dinner” too although I would probably cry without pizza in my life for a long time. My mouth is watering looking at those cupcakes! It seems like the perfect weekend to me!

    • The cupcakes were sooo good! And I’m sure I’ll have pizza Atleast once before I go away haha it was a great weekend, although I think my perfect weekend would involve NYC like yours did! 🙂

  2. Wait, the SAGs were one? whaaat? Who shows awards shows on Saturdays! That’s like asking for viewership of 10. I much prefer this JLaw look over the Golden Globes look but I really dislike her haircut still.
    Um, just so incredibly jealous of the Vegas trip, that’s my favorite place in the world. It’s not that warm there in March – when I went in May I wore a fleece some days – so I’m not sure how much pool time you will have. I hope you get some nice strong sun though because pool time is always nice in March!

    • I agree, airing the SAGs on a Saturday night was the dumbest decision. I miss her long hair as well 😦
      Good to know about Vegas.. I’ll be sure to pack some warmer clothes then! All I know is that anyplace is sure to be warmer than where I live in march!

  3. Ya know, Lupita Nyongo could wear anything and look stunning. I feel the same about weekend recap posts! I think I’m a little boring but hey, gotta write about something!

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