recapping the weekend… on a wednesday

It’s Wednesday, and I’m about to post a weekend recap…
This whole getting back into blogging thing? Much more difficult than I anticipated.

This week I have been trying to get back into a normal routine. It’s the first full week back to work, and considering I haven’t worked four full days in a row since the beginning of December… Im not quite used to it yet. I also don’t start classes again until February, so I’m using the month of January to watch as many television shows and movies as possible before I start classes again. I’m doing pretty good so far, I’ve watched 7 movies, and over ten episodes each of Orange is The New Black, The Good Wife, and 30 Rock. I keep meaning to post, but every night I’ve gotten home and have been so tired that the closest I’ve gotten to my laptop is to turn on Netflix.

Anyway, while I had a ridiculous amount of fun over the holidays, when all my friends were home, this past weekend was probably my favorite weekend I’ve had in awhile. I love the holidays, and everything that comes along with them, but by last Friday I was ready to return to some sort of normalcy. Therefore, I spent Saturday working, getting my hair done, watching tv, and running. Sunday was exploring and adventuring with Ariel. Sunday was the first day in forever that we had sunshine. It was so perfect, and I wish I could relive that day over and over. We went walking in the woods behind my house with my puppy ( and nosy ponies), visited the lighthouse ( simultaneously freezing our asses off – the ocean in the winter is NO JOKE.), visited my grandfather at the graveyard ( first time I managed to convince myself to go there since he passed. ), and then we went to the movies to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ( I’m usually not a fan of facial hair on men, but damn Ben Stiller looked fine and scruffy in that movie).
Have I ever mentioned how much I love my best friend? Because I do. I think everyone needs that one person with who they can walk through snowy woods and not say a word, yet be completely comfortable. One person who will offer you comfort while visiting your grandfathers grave. And one who will go to the late show of a movie you really want to see, even though she works at 6 in the morning the next day.
She’s a gem. And I love her.
Alright, ready for photos?















I’ll try to get back here before the weekend.. Keyword is try. I’m trying to view all the Golden Globe nominated movies before the show on Sunday. Yes, I love award show season.

Have a wonderful day, lovely people!

2 thoughts on “recapping the weekend… on a wednesday

  1. i also LOVE award show season, and more importantly i love watching the red carpet when they all arrive in their fabulous gowns… swoon. seriously. and i am also doing the whole watch as much tv as possible before school starts thing, fingers crossed i don’t get so used to it i’m addicted when school starts. netflix ova homework, errytime. haha.

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