resolutions..or whatever

be more organized – aka get my shit together. read one book per month ( for pleasure). watch 100 movies in 2014 ( currently at 3/100 ). write and post my bucket list, and work on getting shit done. start cooking more, less smoothies for dinner and more actual meals. hug more, smile more, laugh more, be more patient, loving and understanding – aka there is always room to improve yourself. less time spent on social media, and more time spent reading articles & blogs that inspire me, also REAL BOOKS. don’t let fear & anxiety run my life, take more risks and worry less ( i am the QUEEN of worry, so this is easier said than done. Take more photos, write more blogs, listen to more music. more adventures, more exploring – even when it is cold as balls outside. LESS NEGATIVE SELF TALK – you are beautiful, ok? Be present in the moment – the future is never concrete, it’s always changing and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

My #1 resolution/goal/whatever ? Work on BALANCE not PERFECTION. As a self proclaimed perfectionist, this is my biggest struggle.

Here’s to 2014!
{ i just wrote 2013, old habits die hard…}

– Jenna

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