Thanksgiving Weekend

I know it is Thursday, and it’s kind of late into the week to do a weekend recap, but I did ALL the fall things this weekend, and I believe it deserves to be recognized for the wonderful, pumpkin filled, beautiful three days that it was.
While Friday wasn’t filled with anything fall related, only watching a freezing softball game, puppysitting , and cuddling, it was still pretty awesome.

If you weren’t aware, this past weekend was also Canadian Thanksgiving, aka one of my favorite weekends of the year. Why? Because my beautiful, wonderful friends who went away for school came home for the first time since September.. Therefore, Saturday night was one big beer, hug, dance party fest. It was glorious




Sunday brought family dinner. And pumpkin carving with my two best friends. Well, technically I went out with them, bought my pumpkin, cleaned out my pumpkin, and then ran out of time. I scheduled myself to teach afternoon riding lessons, because I’m a giant idiot, and therefore my poor little gutted pumpkin is sitting in my kitchen, waiting to be carved. However, my friends are carving pros, and make up for my lack of carving.



Monday was spent doing schoolwork, which sucked, but I found time to go for a run with my best friend. Is there anything better than trail running in the fall? Crisp air, crunchy leaves, beautiful colors. Perfection.




I was spoiled this week, and also had Tuesday off. I’ve been trying for the past month to find the time to do a corn maze with a few friends. We finally all had the time on Tuesday to road trip up to The Valley for a corn maze adventure. It was pretty cool, though more geared towards younger kids. Every year they have a theme, and this year was Ancient Rome. The maze was in the shape of a horse and gladiator, and you had to find clues in order to complete the maze. We did it with a map, so we made sure to find all the clues, but you could have done it without as well. It took about two hours, and of course my boot broke not 5 seconds after I walked in the maze, as you’ll see below!







This weekend was definitely one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time. I’m glad I got to fit all my usual fall activities in before I went on vacation. I leave for Florida in FIVE days, and by the time I come back Halloween will be over and I’ll be lucky if it isn’t snowing. I’ll be spending the next five days packing, cleaning, playing softball, and trying to get as much shit done as possible before I leave. Therefore, the next time I post will probably be sometime early next week, and I’ll be in FLORIDA! As long as I survive the plane ride that is. It is my first time ever on a plane, and I am hella nervous. Everybody has told me that I’ll love it, but I’m not convinced!

I know this post was kind of photo heavy, but I wanted to share 🙂


Do you like flying?
Favorite part about fall?

One thought on “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. it’s so weird to think of thanksgiving being in october!! haha. i follow a couple of canadian blogs and i love getting a similar but slightly foreign perspective. after all, canada did bring us ryan reynolds. hott damn!! OOOHHHH CANADA!!!!! 🙂

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