Friday Links


Am I the only one who felt like this week flew by? As my Florida trip approaches, it seems as though time is flying by. Probably because my to do list is overwhelmingly long, and it seems as though I’m running out of time to get shit done! Anyways, I thought i’d share some articles/podcasts/random shit I’ve found on the internet this week that I enjoyed. I’m off to spend the weekend studying, and hanging out with this guy…

photo (28)

1. How To Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love … a lengthy, but really great article. That entire site is full of great articles on creativity!

2. 50 Terrible, Quick Jokes That’ll Get You A Laugh On Demand …I’m embarrassed to admit how hard I laughed at these the first time I read them. I’m such a sucker for a stupid joke.

3. Comedy Bang Bang Podcast : Poehler Ice Caps…. I love Comedy Bang Bang podcasts, and I love Amy Poehler, so this podcast made my day. Epic Rap Battle near the end of the episode had me nearly crying in laughter. Too good.

4. Grab Uncertainty and Give It A Bear Hug… Great article.

5. The Habits of Supremely Happy People …we could all use some advice on how to be happier, right?

6. Amy Poehler Interviews Seth Meyers …. As a huge Weekend Update fan, I am beyond pumped for Seth’s new show. This interview is great!

7. image … you know who’s great? Alyssa.

8. The Dangers of Comparison, Perfectionism and Being Too Hard On Ourselves …I struggle with all three of these. Loved this.

9. Gourmet Grilled Cheese…. Don’t look at this unless you have access to the ingredients, immediately. Otherwise, you’re just going to drool everywhere, and it’s just not cute. Frankie D does it again!

10. 25 Things I want Myself to Know at 25 …. Another one of those lists I love.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! In celebration of the first weekend in October, I’m planning on eating as much pumpkin flavoured food as possible.

Happy weekend!

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