Confessions, Part 1

#1… I have way too many lists. With way too many things on them
#2… I also watch way too many tv shows. Proof? This is my new tv schedule. Don’t judge me. I do what I want .

#3…Within five minutes of arriving home from work, I no longer have pants on. I’m sorry, but jeans are awful and uncomfortable and when I am home, I do what I want.

#4… I may or may not have laid on the floor for 20 minutes after my workout today. Endorphins? More like I wanted someone to cut my arms and legs off.

#5… That bag of candy corn I showed you the other day? Yeah, that’s gone. I have no control whatsoever when it comes to candy corn.

#6.. I leave for Florida in 25 days. In 25 days I will be spending a large chunk of my time in a bikini. Aforementioned bag of candy corn is not helping the whole ” eat good , exercise right so you look good in Florida” thing I had going. Why is candy corn so delicious? I also had a mug of cereal for supper tonight, so I guess I shouldn’t 100% blame the candy corn..

#7… I have had no fewer than 5 nightmares about plane crashes, in anticipation for my trip to Florida. This girl has never been on a plane before, so yes, I am going to be a giant puddle of anxiety prior to the flight. My subconscious is apparently 1 step ahead of my conscious self.

#8… Thursday night television is the best. Parks and Rec, Greys, The Big Bang Theory, Glee and Scandal all in one night? Yes please.

#9… I have an essay to write for my Popular Culture & Media class. I have known about this essay for about two months. Said essay is due to two weeks. Guess who hasn’t started researching this essay? Queen of procrastination, right here.

#10…It is once again that time of year where my desire to move out is overwhelming. I love my parents, my oh my sweet baby jesus do they ever drive me crazy. crazy, I tell you.

But you know what? It’s Friday. It’s sunny outside for the first time in a week, I’m done work early, and I have no plans! Sorry for the quickie post, but I’m going outside to enjoy the sunshine ! 🙂

Have a good weekend guys!

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