My Weekend ft. A Really Cute Puppy

Hey kids!

How was your weekend?!
Mine was fantastic, as I am about to show you. Today was another story, but when you stay up too late Sunday night, you shouldn’t be surprised when you wake up Monday morning, driving the struggle bus. #lessonlearned
Let’s back up to Friday though, shall we?

I know I’ve posted a lot of photos of this guy lately. His name is Oakley, by the way. He is adorable,cuddly and my new best friend. I got lucky and was asked to puppy sit him Friday night and Saturday. All was well, until 3am when he whined and I had to get up and take him outside. Oh, and then when he woke me up at 6:50am, ready for breakfast. All I can say is that it’s a damn good thing he is cute…

Saturday was filled with long walks with the puppy, a painful run, and cuddling my Aunts new kitten. I’m not a cat person, at all. I think they are way too sassy, they rarely want to cuddle with you, and are generally just giant assholes. Sorry, I just really love dogs!


Little Sophia’s face though? She’s damn cute


On Sunday , Ariel and I decided to tackle making homemade sushi. If I’m being honest, I didn’t think it was going to go well. At all. However…



It was amazing. We made a sweet potato/avocado roll and a smoked salmon/avacado. I had never actually had sushi before this..I’m now obsessed. So damn delicious.
You know what also is damn delicious? Candy corn. I am a candy corn freak, I even drunkenly sang a song about it once. Or twice. or every time I eat it

Sunday evening I watched the Emmys..


I love award shows, I’ll openly admit that. I also enjoy live tweeting them. Do I feel terrible for making my followers read my excessive amount of tweets concerning my anger over how Amy Poehler lost again, Jon Hamm’s beard, or how a seemingly large number of important people died this year… Yes. Yes I do.
Here’s a few of my favorite GIFs from last evening.. To make up for my twitter spree last night..and because who doesn’t love GIFs?

Best part of your weekend? Do you watch award shows?

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