Some Lesson I’ve Learned

I’ve been telling myself for about four days now that I have to set aside some time, sit my ass down and WRITE SOMETHING. I don’t have any real excuse as to why I haven’t done exactly that. Sure, I’ve been ridiculously busy, but when have I not been ridiculously busy? We all use that excuse too much.

I turn 21 on Sunday. Hooray for being legal in the States!! Really though, I cannot believe another year has already flown by, and I’m going to be another year older.
I’m a huge fan of ‘ _____ Things I’ve Learned at __ years of age ‘ So you know what? I’m going to do one. If you’re not a fan of lists, look away now! 🙂

throwback to my 20th birthday, just for fun!

1. Laughter truly is the best medicine. A day without laughter is a day wasted. Even on the shittiest of days, a good laugh feels wonderful. Laugh loud. My favorite people are those who have the craziest laughs.

2. Don’t be ashamed to like something, even if its not ‘cool’ . I’m not a fan of being told what I should or should not like. It doesn’t matter what kind of music,books or television you like. Watch/Read/Do whatever the hell you want!

3. Pay it forward. Nothing feels better than giving back. Even the smallest of gestures might just make someone else’s day. And knowing that you made someone feel better? It’s a priceless feeling.

4. Let love in. Don’t shut people out. Love people, and let them love you in return. No greater feeling than knowing you love and are loved.

5. Food is not the enemy. It’s what keeps you alive. Through the ages of 15-17, this was by far the to difficult lesson I learned.

6. Don’t let fear and anxiety run your life. As someone who struggles with severe anxiety, it’s a lesson I am still in the process of learning. I’ve come a long way , and can honestly say I am SO much happier now.

7. It’s good to have role models. I look up to strong, successful women who have made a difference. They inspire me to be better, work harder, and appreciate what I have. However, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t strive to be exactly like your role model. There is only one of YOU. Don’t lose yourself in trying to imitate someone you look up to. You’re unique for a reason, own it.

8. Read. Read everything you can. Knowledge is power, and smart is sexy.

9. Learn from your mistakes. You’re not perfect, you never will be, so stop trying. Don’t focus on perfection, focus on doing the best you can, it’s enough. I still struggle with this.. Big time. I’m working on it !

10. Be grateful for everything you have. So many people have so much less than you. You are SO lucky to have what you have. Appreciate it!

11. Coffee is a beautiful thing. Iced coffee is even better. They say its bad for you, I don’t believe them.

12. Hug your friends. Everytime you see them. Tell them you love them.

13. Save your money. Even just a little every week. Your future self will thank you.

14. If everything seems to be crashing down, chances are you just need sleep. Sleep is the miracle drug, and it’ll cure about 90% of your seemingly in-the-moment-unsolvable problems.

15. Go with the flow. While its good to have a routine, sometimes you gotta break it. Live a little, your routine will be there waiting for you when you get back from your adventure. I promise!

16. Dance it out. Dance in the morning, while your walking down the street, while your in the shower ( be careful though, I’m not responsible for accidents), with your brother in your kitchen on a Tuesday afternoon. Just dance.

17. Animals are the best listeners. Hands down. Got a problem? Grab yourself a puppy and spill everything. You’ll get cuddles in return, it’s win-win for you.

18. Give yourself a break. Work is important, but sometimes you just have to take a day to sit in your pyjamas and watch Gilmore Girls. No judgement here, friends. Chill out.

19. Sometimes you have to do things you really don’t want to. Don’t put them off, just do it. Get it over with, and then you’re done!

20. Smile. Especially at cranky, rude,obnoxious people. It lets them know you aren’t going to be affected by their attitude. A little happiness goes a long way!

I hope everyone have a wonderful weekend! I know I will 🙂
Much love!

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