Tilapia Taco Tuesday

Hey Guys!

How is your week going? Halfway through the work week! ( I’m sorry, I can’t get on the ‘hump day’ train. I just can’t. ) Today is actually my first day of the work week, as I have to work Saturday this week! Which sucks, but I know my swimming pool and a nice alcoholic beverage will be waiting for me when I’m done!

So, last night…Last night I ate potentially the best meal I’ve ever had. No joke. As I’ve said multiple times, I don’t cook. Like, ever. However, I may be a changed woman because cooking a full meal last night was much more fun than I anticipated!
If you read my summer bucket list, you’ll see that #5 is cook a fancy meal. So, after a bit of a late start, due to my best friends’ extreme napping skills…


We got our butts to town, picked up ingredients and daiquiri mix and got started! ( ps: I am actually an excellent speller, despite my inability to put together a grammatically correct sentence, but the word daiquiri really screws me up. Thank god for autocorrect )

My best friend ( who I am going to refer to as A from now on ), doesn’t really cook either. However, she is a little more adventurous than I am, and was nice enough to let me borrow all the necessary spices for the recipe. I found out yesterday that there the selection of spices in my house is very limited… As in we have salt,pepper, garlic powder and cinnamon. It’s a sad life, I know.

We decided to make these tilapia tacos. We made a good decision. I honestly could have eaten about ten of these things! The mango sauce was my favorite part, we may or may not have eaten some straight out of the blender with a spoon. ( This was also my first time ever trying fresh mango. I’m weird, I know! It was delicious, obviously. )


I’m also going to warn you now, my photography is not so great here. Little iPhone pictures are all I’ve got! If you want to see beautifully photographed tilapia tacos,I suggest you head to Alyssa’s blog!



And the finished product :


Looking at these photos made me want more! We had to substitute corn tortillas for whole wheat ones, as my grocery store apparently does not sell corn tortillas. ( I searched for 15 minutes, and asked a salesperson! ) The daiquiris helped things as well…


Overall it was an awesome evening, spending time with A, eating good food & drinking good drinks and I am happy I crossed another things off of my summer bucket list! I’ve decided that I eventually want to make all the FWFD recipes! It may take awhile, but we will do it!

Have a good day everyone!!

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