Vacation Recap

Happy Monday everybody!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty great, filled with sunshine,swimming,biking, friends and catching up on everything I missed while I was away on vacation. Some not-so-great things happened as well, three things specifically:

1. The ruling in Florida. I’m not even going to go there, I just have no words.

2. This which led to me almost having an emotional breakdown whilst biking when this came on my ipod. I’m sorry, but I haven’t left the Hollywood obsessed phase in my life yet, let me be! But seriously, look at this :

3. I learned I am too old for water trampolines. I woke up on Sunday morning unable to move, due to the fact that I somehow managed to strain every intrinsic & extrinsic back muscle, along with my intercostal muscles on my right side. Yesterday was rough, thats for sure.

However, on to better things! As I previously mentioned, I was on vacation last week. By the beginning of last week I was feeling exhausted, burnt out and uninspired. On Wednesday I took off on a road trip with my best friend to the city. Being in the city inspires me. Everyone there seems to have their own unique sense of style, they all seem as though they have important things to do, places to go and people to see. Being in the city both intimidates and inspires me.
We attended the graduation of my old roomate and one of our high school friends. Below is a photo of my two roommates from last year. They are crazy, and I love them.
photo (18)
Now, I know some people may associate graduations with sitting in uncomfortable chairs in hot,stuffy rooms filled with tons of people for an extraordinary length of time, listening to people you don’t know talk about things you don’t really care about. However, I love graduations. I love watching my friends walk across the stage and receive their diplomas, knowing how much work they put into the x amount of years they were in school, and knowing that after this moment, they will start a new and exciting chapter in their lives! I am also all for the sappy,inspiring speeches at graduations. I’m weird, I know.

Wednesday evening consisted of a nap ( a nap with your best friend is the best kind of nap) , frozen margaritas, the best veggie burger in the world, and my first ever trivia night at an awesome bar. Ps: I don’t recommend eating with a bunch of paramedics, as they tend to exchange gross job related stories that may result in a loss of appetite. ( my best friend is a paramedic, and we ate dinner with her paramedic friends )

Thursday began with a shopping spree ( my sincerest apologies to my bank account) and ended with pizza & chocolate covered almonds and Wedding Crashers. ( also, did anyone catch the premiere of Hollywood Game Night?! I can’t be the only who thought that a show consisting of playing games with awesome drunk celebrities was awesome? )

photo (17)

And then we have Friday. Guys, I’m not kidding when I say Friday may have been my favorite day so far in 2013. All week long A ( my bff ) and I had been constantly checking the forecast for Friday. And, all week long it had been giving rain. My hopes of checking the Cape Split Hike off my summer bucket list were nearly crushed. However, when I woke up Friday morning to blue skies and sunshine I did a happy dance! In fact, most of Friday was one big happy dance. We drove the hour & a half to the trail head. Stopping along the way to take in the sights of the ‘ Look Off’ :
photo (19)
Note in advance that the pictures below dont even begin to illustrate how beautiful these views actually were. I unfortunately only have iphone photos from the hike. I brought my big camera, but forgot the SD card at home, because I am an idiot.

The trail was a total of 16km, out and back. We started at 10:30am and arrived back at the car at 2:00pm, slightly exhausted and sore, but deliriously happy. The trail was almost completely in the woods, lots of uphill. It was remarkably quiet almost the entire time, with only the sounds of birds and chipmunks.
photo (20)

photo (21)
I feel most at home in nature, breathing in fresh air, walking next to my absolute favorite person in the world, I was happy. The turn around point of the trail is the peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic. We spent about a half an hour in almost complete silence, just staring in awe at the view. I can’t even begin to explain what I was feeling in that moment, just complete and utter happiness.
photo (23)

photo (24)

photo (25)

photo (26)

By the end my feet and knees were killing me and I was exhausted and hot. However, it was all completely worth it. Last week was exactly what I needed. Fun, relaxation, good food, and copious amounts of time spent with my best friend. I feel refreshed and inspired to begin this week off on the right foot!!Have a wonderful Monday, guys!


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