Life Lately, Volume II


1. Cotton candy summer skies, my absolute favorite.


2. Rides on my girl, Pearl.


3. Pre-softball game selfie. We won, in case you were wondering. photo-14.jpg

4. Spent my Saturday afternoon studying and tanning on my lawn. Rosie was my faithful watchdog.


5. Rides on Lucy, unfortunately they have been far and few between. Aren’t her little pink ears cute though?! She hates em’


6. Yesterday was the first beach day of the year. It was full of sunshine, splashing, and laughing with my favorite people. Perfect day!


7. Ended Sunday with this view at my friends house… I didn’t hate it!!


8. It thundered & rained here all morning today. I’ve never been so jealous of dogs, I could’ve used some more sleep this morning!

It’s been awhile since I posted, I know! I kept meaning to post, but work was insane last week. I worked all day Tuesday – Saturday afternoon. When I work all day, I come home completely exhausted. I also started new courses last week, so I’m getting back into the routine of working, doing schoolwork, teaching lessons, and maintain some semblance of a social life!

Starting tomorrow afternoon I am on vacation for an entire week! I’m SO excited, as this is my first real break since Christmas, and God knows I need it. On Wednesday I am off to the city for three days with my best friend, to watch my old roommate graduate, do some shopping and then (hopefully) cross hiking Cape Split off my summer bucket list on Friday!

I’m working on scheduling a couple of posts for throughout the week while I am gone, so as to not completely abandon my little blog! I’ll also be posting on instagram & tweeting, if you want to see what I’m up to, follow me there!

Hope you all had a wonderful day!!


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