Summer Bucket List


I FINISHED EXAMS!! Can you tell I am a bit excited? It also may be the fact that I’ve had more coffee than food today, so I am a little shaky.

Seriously though, such a huge relief to be done exams. I cannot wait to be reunited with Netflix, it has been three weeks since I watched television. I have an addiction, and I’m not even the slightest bit sorry about it 😉 . Big Brother also started last night. I know I’ve said before that I don’t watch reality tv, but this is my one guilty pleasure. Mostly because I get together with my best friends, play Mario Kart, watch BB and eat popcorn. It’s a ritual that we have EVERY summer since we all started university, I love it.

I also REALLY love Mario Kart. It does bring out the worst in me though, the language that comes out of my mouth would not be considering lady like, and I have the tendency to shout at the television. Also, I have gone an entire race looking at the wrong screen, while I continuously ran into a cow over and over, when I actually thought I was winning.

ANYWAY, I wanted to dedicate this post to revealing my Summer Bucket List!! I love lists. And I love summer. Therefore, this seems appropriate. I also came across my old big bucket list this morning, and I’ve added a few things so I am going to be posting that soon as well! Anyway, this is what is on my summer bucket list :

1. Go Camping at Keji
I cannot even begin to describe how awesome Keji is. The first time I went, I was in Grade Nine or Ten, and I went with a couple of my friends :
Quite possibly the most embarrassing photo in the entire world, and I cannot believe I am posting here. Thanks, awkward teenage years & braces.
There are lakes, hiking trails, ice cream shops, a beach, and best of all BIKE TRAILS. Keji is HUGE and you can literally get anywhere in the park through bike trails. It’s freaking awesome, and I adore it.
It’s kind of beautiful, right?! The photo of my brother & I is from our 2010 trip. It should be noted that there was thunder & lightening storms BOTH nights we were there. Nothing like sleeping in a tent with metal poles during a thunder & lightening storm. My mother swore she would never go back after that trip, but I still love it!

2. Hike Cape Split
Cape Split is an epic hiking trail a couple hours away from where I live. The view is kind of famous, and people come from all over to hike it. My best friend and I have plans to do the hike on July 12, given the weather holds up. It is a 16km hike along the coast, and I am super excited!

3. Photograph a sunset at the beach, and the lighthouse
Summertime means beach walks, usually a couple times a week. I’ve never gone at the right time to capture the perfect sunset shot. It also tends to be foggy 90% of the time where I live, so it is not something I can really plan for, it’s more about being lucky. 😉

4. Have an All Day Movie Marathon
Simple enough, right? I’ve actually never done this, I’ve always wanted to but never made the time to do it. I have a list of movies the length of my arm that I want to watch, now I just have to plan a day to watch them.
Ps: I watched the movie Clueless for the first time the other day (I know, I know, I can’t believe I hadn’t watched it before either.) And it was amazing! Young Paul Rudd is freaking adorable.

5. Spend an entire weekend without technology
aka spend a weekend at my cottage, and leave my phone behind! I cannot remember the last time that I went anywhere without my phone. I am constantly checking my social media feeds, and it is awful. My cottage does have cell reception, so even when I am there, I usually bring my phone. However, I’d like to force myself to unplug from technology for a weekend, to just enjoy time with my family!
I LOVE my cottage. Photo above is from last summer, when I threw a party there with my friends.
ps: my hair looks so completely different now in comparison to then, craziness. That’s what working in a salon will do to you!

6. Cook a fancy meal
As I’ve previously stated, I never cook. My idea of actually making an effort to cook dinner is cooking some salmon on the George Foreman and throwing some sweet potato in the oven to bake. Awful, I know. I just don’t enjoy cooking like I enjoy baking! However, I swear to Baby Jesus that at some point this summer I am going to take the time and effort to make either this or this . Both look delicious, and clearly I am a fan of FWFD , which if you don’t already read every Friday, you should probably get on that.

That is pretty much all I have on my bucket list for the summer. I just wanted to highlight the things I don’t normally do on my list. Of course my summer will also be filled with the typical beach trips, copious amounts of ice cream, biking, and campfire & s’more shenanigans. Along with my traditional (almost) weekly house parties. ( My parents go away to the cottage every weekend in the summer, and are super cool about letting me throw parties at my house. )I hope you guys have a wonderful end to your week! It’s almost Friday!
Much love!


6 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. This is awesome, Jenna! I am honored to have a couple of my meals make the bucket list! You have inspired me to make a summer bucket list as well. Maybe I’ll feature it in the next FWFD. Thanks for reading!


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