I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! The weather here has been absolutely stunning. After a week of rain, three days of sunshine feels amazing. Saturday afternoon I went geocaching with a couple of my best friends. If you have never gone geocaching before, I advise you do it because it’s ridiculously fun, and it’s a perfect, outdoorsy activity to do with a couple of friends.

A quick Google search told me you can go geocaching practically anywhere. Simply Google geocaches in your area. All you need is a GPS, preferably a little handheld one. You enter the coordinates from online into your GPS, and go from there. We usually find a bunch in a smaller area, so we don’t have to drive all over, simply walk there. Caches are small or medium sized camouflage containers ( the one pictured in the above photo is an example of a small one ), you find them, sign your name and the date you found it on the paper inside the cache and then return the cache to where you found it.

My best friend and I have already decided we are going to travel the world and geocache in all sorts of places when we retire. We may not know what we are doing for the next ten years, but we’ve got our retirement plan set. 😉

Due to the fact that the majority of the caches were in the damn woods,I am suffering from some nasty bugs bites on my ankles that have resulted in my ankles swelling up into cankles, Kim K pregnancy style. However, despite the swarms of bugs and humidity it was an awesome afternoon. Both C and A are super smart kids with medical related jobs, and work ridiculous hours so I am always super happy whenever I get a chance to hang out with them together at the same time!

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their weekend!


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