We Are Old


Happy Saturday!

The sun is shining, it is mildly warm outside, and I have an essay due that I plan to completely ignore all day today, so this is just a quick post. People who post on the weekends are some of my favourite people, mostly because the weekends are when I am able to catch up on blogposts, to the point where I am refreshing my favourites every few hours, just to see if they have a new post for me to read.

Does this make my life seem a little sad? Maybe, yes.

Last night I joined a couple of my friends to say goodbye to K, who was down from Ontario for a few weeks, and is flying back today. It was a good time, but I was home, and in bed, by midnight. Which I noticed is a common trend lately. When did I become so old?

Take last weekend for example, a house party at my friends :


Super happy kids, obviously having a good time. Yet, party was over by 12:30, as we all claimed we were exhausted and desperately needed sleep. Dramatic much?
I blame our elderly behaviour mostly on the fact the majority of my friends are currently doing hospital clinical time, working twelve hour shifts, or like me, working AND going to school. Maybe, when we are twenty five, we will hit our stride and start staying out till crazy hours of the night, like 2am! 😉

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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